1950's Little Girl Poodle Skirt Cake

1950's Little Girl Poodle Skirt Cake

by Donna Trevino
(Santa Ana, Ca.)

1950's Girls Poodle Skirt Cake

1950's Girls Poodle Skirt Cake

This little girl's poodle cake is a fun cake that I made for my daughter's best friend. It was a "girls only" birthday party which they celebrated at a 1950's dinner theater. All supplies that are mentioned which include fondant, gum paste, baby shoe template, royal icing, pearl dust,blue sparkle dust, flower cutter to create belt buckle, gel colors, pan, drum boards, square cutter for floor can all be found at almost any cake supply store or on-line

The cake itself was actually fairly easy to make. I baked 2 chocolate cakes both in a cake pan measuring 12x18x2. Any size pan will work depending on how large you would like your dress to be. I froze my cakes prior because I found that they are easier to carve into any shape if still slightly frozen. Once frozen, I carved one of my cakes into a blouse shape and the other cake into a poodle skirt shape. I had two seperate cakes at this point in which I torted and filled with chocolate frosting. The outside of the blouse cake was iced with white buttercream tinted a skin tone color and the skirt cake was iced in a white buttercream. I then covered my cakes in rolled fondant in which I colored to match the birthday girls request. Before applying fondant to the blouse, I cut out a v-shape in the white fondant so that you could see the skin tone buttercream underneath the neck. Later, the fondant scarf will cover the outside of the v-shape to give it a more polished look. Both cakes were then put together on a large round cake drum to create a full dress. The cake drum was covered in black and white rolled fondant square pieces that I had cut with a square cutter a few days beforehand. The square pieces were attached to the cake drum with a dab of royal icing and placed to create a checked floor effect. I then hot glued a piece of ribbon around the cake drum for an extra special touch.

Once the fondant covered cakes were on the drum, the fun part was to decorate with more fondant pieces that I had already made in advance. The emblem on the blouse was made using rolled out gumpaste and shaped into a letter shape, painted with color and sprinkled with edible blue sparkle. The belt, poodle (which I used piped royal icing to create the fur and pearl dust for a shine on the legs), scarf, slip ruffles, and pearl buttons (which were rolled in a little bit of pearl dust) are all fondant. The saddle shoe and record were made a week in advance to let air dry. You can even find a free printable baby shoe template searching the internet. The saddle shoe pieces were "glued" together with royal icing and designed the way I wanted. The shoe lace is also fondant. The record was made out of more colored fondant and the writing on the record was made using royal icing. To give the fondant belt and record that extra shine, I painted over the black fondant with black color mixed with a drop of lemon extract. Lemon extract or clear alcohol is used instead of water in painting on color because the alcohol dries the paint. If you were to use water for painting on color, you would just melt your pieces. Once you have all of your supplies, this cake is a really fun and exciting project that I am sure anyone will have fun making!!

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Sep 03, 2010
Cool site
by: Shawna Larson

Great site. I want to eat all of them. I found some cool recipes here: http://rainshadowlabs.com/

Jan 14, 2009
1950's cake
by: Anonymous

I am giving my son and daughter a 1950's birthday party. I am considering doing this cake for my daughter and a jukebox for my son. I just want to tell you... You did a wonderful creative job ob this cake. It is actually a piece of art.
I will let you know if I do it.
Thank you for the idea.

Nov 18, 2008
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for your lovely comments! This cake was a blast to make. In answer to a question that I received, the black poodle was made with my own hands. It was sculpted out of fondant and then royal icing was piped on for the poodle hair effect. A pink fondant bow was added and then a brush of pearl dust for a special shine. Thank you everyone!

Oct 16, 2008
That a design!
by: Silkpete

Simply wonderfully imaginative and creative.
That design will make many a girl celebrator proud.
But this design in 1950?

Oct 03, 2008
by: Anonymous

Didn't even know there was a contest - but Congrats anyway! Well done

Oct 02, 2008
very sophisicated
by: Anonymous

Very good in detail and, in general, very sexy.

Sep 24, 2008
by: Anonymous

What a great cake! We are having a 50's Sock Hop for my Daughter's First Birthday - this cake would be perfect! Did you make the poodle with icing or was it a candy topper?

Sep 14, 2008
by: DCRose

This cake is very authentic to the 50's style.
Good job on your research and your follow through.

Sep 10, 2008
by: nwanyi


Jul 21, 2008
by: Jodi

This is a fabulous cake! I love the detail and your colors, great job!

Jul 08, 2008
by: nana

Your cake is the best and it looks like 1 that I will like to have at my birthday party.

May 02, 2008
2008 Cake Decorating Corner Contest Winner!!!
by: Cake Decorating Corner

Congratulations! Your cake has been selected as the winner of the 2008 Cake Decorating Contest!

You will be receiving your $50 Amazon Gift Certicate shortly.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful cake with cake decorators across the globe.

Mar 28, 2008
Good job
by: Anonymous

I really like this cake....it is done VERY well..and so original! Good Job!

Mar 02, 2008
by: Anonymous

Amazing detail.

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