Chocolate Cattleya Orchids

chocolate cattleya orchids

These beautiful, life-like chocolate cattleya orchids were made by Mari Senega. Here is her step-by-step tutorial to make them yourself.

supplies to make chocolate cattleya orchid

Supplies needed:

  • Non-stick Mat                                                     
  • Small Rolling Pin                                                
  • Cel Pad or rubber sponge pad                          
  • Gum paste Tools (ball tool, pointed stick)
  • Powdered sugar (place in nylon to keep tidy)
  • Corn Syrup                                                          
  • Paste colors                                                          
  • Saifun Noodles
  • Selections of brushes ( #’s 2,6, angled edge flat )  Flower Formers (Apple Cups, Paint tray)
  • Cutters; Sunflower Sugar Arts - Cattleya Orchid cutters set, 
  • Moth Orchid cutter set ( for only the 3 petaled cutter)
  • Iceland Poppy Veiner                        
  • Orchid Throat veiner
  • Petal dusts Colors used:  The Sugar Arts; Sweet Butter, Pearl, Tiger Lily, Flame, Claret, Sprout, Rain Forest, and Fern.
  • 1/4 batch modeling chocolate, White, Pale Yellow, and Pale Green.
1.Roll a piece of modeling chocolate into a ¼”ball (pea size).
2.Thread the ball on to a half piece of Saifun noodle.  
3.Shape into a teardrop shape.
4.Using the smaller side of the ball tool, pressing firmly, make an impression into the side of the ball end of the teardrop shape.
creating center of cattleya orchid
5. Pinch the rounded end. Curve the end down. This is the tongue. Set aside to dry.

6.Roll out chocolate candy clay on a mat dusted with powdered sugar.

Roll to a 1/8” thickness.


rolling out modeling chocolate

7.Using petal cutter cut out 1 of the 3 thin petal shapes, 2 wide petal shapes and 1 throat shape.

orchid cutters and petals

8.Vein each wide petal with a veiner,

veining orchid petals

9. Vein throat piece with a throat veiner.

using throat veiner on cattleya orchid

10.  Frill edges of each petal and throat (if desired) with ball tool.

frilling edges of orchid petals
  frilling cattleya orchid petals
  frilling large orchid petal
11. Place the thin petal shape into the former. shaping chocolate cattleya petals in former

12. Place the wide petals at the top of the Y formation, offsetting the leaves.

13.   Let dry.

glueing orchid petals together
14. On the veined and frilled throat piece dab a dot of syrup on the pointed end, place the tongue over the syrup. inside chocolate cattleya petals
  adding cattleya petals to stem
15. Bring both sides of the pointed end of the throat up to overlap the tongue piece. Pinch together. center of chocolate cattleya orchid

16. Place on the former to dry, curving downward.

17. Let dry.


dusting cattleya orchid petals dusting center of chocolate cattleya orchid
18. Dust or airbrush to color and highlight the flower. dusting color on center of chocolate cattleya orchid
19.Dab a small amount of corn syrup in the center of the flower, and place the dried throat in the remaining space of the flower.


completed chocolate cattleya orchid


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