Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

Christmas cake decorating ideas - poinsettia cake

This traditional Christmas Cake design features poinsettias piped in buttercream. The cake is created with a 9" square tier and a 6" round tier.
If you prefer, you can make this same cake with holly decorations, using the same cake decorating tip to make the leaves and creating the holly berries with a #6 round tip. It really is suitable for any theme.

You can even use Christmas picks on the top and four corners of the square cake.

Christmas Cake Decorating Supplies:

  • Two 9" square cakes
  • Two 6" round cakes
  • 6" cake board, 9" square cake board**
  • Buttercream icing
  • Paste food color - red, yellow, green
  • Cake decorating tips #2, 12, 352
  • Gold ribbon or holiday ribbon of your choice
  • Scissors
1. Fill and frost the 6" round cakes and assemble on a 6" cake board. Repeat for the square cakes. **The cake pan I used had rounded corners, so I cut my own cake board by tracing the shape of the cake pan onto the board. Then I cut it out. frosting christmas cake
2. Place the 6" cakes in the center of the square cake. stacking christmas cake
3. Wrap the ribbon around the base of each tier. Cut the ribbon so a little bit at the end will overlap the beginning. Secure the ribbon in place with a hat pin. (Remember to remove the pin and the ribbon prior to cutting the cake). wrapping ribbon around christmas cake
4. Using cake decorating tip #2, create swirls on the entire surface of the cake, as shown. Using tip #12, pipe a bead border around the base of the square cake and the round cake. Using tip #352, pipe the poinsettia leaves in red on top of the cake (3 poinsettias are shown on the top). On the four corners of the square cake, pipe the poinsettia leaves up against the side of the 6" cake. The red leaves vary in size and overlap one another. Pipe them from the center outwards, as you would when creating a flower. Switch to green icing, again using tip #352, and pipe leaves extending outwards from each of the poinsettias. Place tip #2 on the green icing. Pipe 3 to 4 dots in the center of each poinsettia. On top of each green dot, pipe a smaller dot in yellow with the same tip. Finally, pipe a red dot in the center of the yellow dots on each poinsettia. piping cornelli lace on christmas cake


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