Fondant Ribbon Rose Tutorial

Fondant Ribbon Rose and Leaf

This fondant ribbon rose is made a little differently than you usually see. Most are made by rolling out a long strip of fondant, folding the fondant in half lengthwise, rolling the fondant up - normally, at first to create the center, and then pinching in at the bottom to create a ruffled effect in the petals.

This fondant ribbon rose can also be made in gum paste. Should you make it in gum paste, cover the cut-outs with plastic as you work to prevent them from drying out.


  • Colored fondant
  • Mat
  • Shortening
  • Paintbrush
  • Flower former
  • 2-1/2" circle cutter
  • Palette knife
  • Plastic wrap
  • Edible lacquer spray (optional)

Fondant Ribbon Rose Instructions:


1. Soften fondant by kneading with a bit of shortening. Color with gel food color paste to the shade desired.

2. Lightly grease the mat.

3. Roll out the fondant to 1/16" thick. You will need enough surface area to cut out 12 circles.

4. Press the circle cutter firmly into the fondant and twist slightly to ensure the cutter makes a clean cut through the fondant. cutting fondant circles
5. Fold the circle in half. fondant circle
6. Form the fondant ribbon rose petals by bending the two corners towards each other and pinching together. fondant rose petal
7. Repeat this process for 6 petals to make the bottom row. fondant rose petal
8. Lightly grease the flower former. Place first petal in the former. On the side of the second petal, paint a dab of water and lay the petal up against the first petal. The petals may overlap slightly. Repeat this process for the 6 bottom petals. You can shape the petals if needed with the end of the paintbrush. 1st layer of fondant rose petals
9. The second rose of ribbon rose petals will be 5 petals done exactly as the first 6. Before starting, paint a bit of water in the center of the lower petals to stick to the upper petals. fondant ribbon rose petals
10. The last circle left will create the rose center. Fold in half and then roll up. It will be longer than needed, so use your palette knife to cut a bit off the bottom. Open up the outer part of the center a bit with the end of your paintbrush to make it look more natural. Put a dab of water on the bottom and push it into the center of the flower. ribbon rose center
11. Allow the rose to dry before removing from the former. Attach it to the cake with a bit of water or piping gel on the bottom of the flower. fondant ribbon rose

Fondant Ribbon Leaves:

1. Roll out green fondant to 1/16" thickness.  
2. Cut a strip of fondant 8" long by 1" wide. fondant strip
3. Cut a small piece of plastic wrap and lay it down on top of the strip to cover 1/2 of the strip lengthwise, but only 3/4 of the width. This will leave room along one edge for the fondant to stick to itself. fondant in plastic wrap
4. Fold the fondant in half lengthwise and press down to seal the side with no plastic wrap. fondant rectangle
5. At the end of the strip that is folded over, fold again at the corner and press down. fold green fondant in half
6. Pick up the fondant strip and starting from the folded end, bring the edge together by gathering it all the way down the strip. fold fondant in to leaf shape
7. Lay the leaf down, open up the 2 halves and remove the plastic wrap. ribbon leaf
8. Pinch the bottom and top halves together to finish forming the ribbon leaf. forming fondant leaf
9. Lay the fondant leaf to dry in shape. I've rested mine inside a cupcake wrapper inside the circle cutter. You can simply crumple aluminum foil and lay it to rest on that. fondant ribbon leaf

10. Attach the leaf to the cake next to the fondant ribbon rose.

If you want the ribbon rose and leaf to look like satin ribbon, you can spray them with edible lacquer before attaching them to the cake.


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