Surfing Cake

surfing cake

I made this suring cake for a friend’s husband, who was missing a bit of his youth.

I purchased the surfboards and candy rocks at my local cake supply store.

  1. In advance (a few days), use fondant and different colored food paste gels to make the palm tree base, palm leafs, tike torches, fire logs and surfer’s body pieces.
  2. (Note: Place a lollypop stick in the center of the palm tree base and tike torches, but leave a good portion uncovered at the bottom to be pushed through the cake, so the pieces will continue to stand while the cake is transported to the party)
  3. After the surfer’s pieces are completely dry, use royal icing to glue the arms, head, and legs to the surfer’s body, and then the body to a surfboard.
  4. After the palm tree pieces are dry use royal icing to glue the palm leaves to the palm tree base. (Note: use a piece of Styrofoam or paper towels to set the palm tree in/on while it dries)
  5. Bake 3 – 8x2 inch cakes, and cut one in half.
  6. Stack the two full round tiers together, with butter cream frosting in the center, and cover the entire surfing cake with sand color frosting.
  7. Stack the half-tier pieces together, with frosting in the center, and then carve them to resemble a wave. Place the wave on the right side of the cake. (Note: Carving will work better if you freeze the wave for an hour)
  8. Cut a small crescent shape piece from a separator plate to be placed on top of the wave. Use butter cream frosting to secure it to the wave. (Note: if you don’t use a piece of carboard on top of the wave, the weight of the icing will crush the wave's shape)
  9. Mix a small amount of granulated sugar and light brown colored gel to make sand, and then sprinkled it over the left side of the cake.
  10. Add blue colored paste gel to white frosting (don’t blend to much, you want to leave some of the white frosting) and a size 20 star tip to cover the wave section and right side of the cake.
  11. Place the palm tree, tike torches, fire logs, surfer, and second surfboard on the surfing cake. Add candy rocks.
  12. Color coconut with a yellow paste gel completely, then add a very, very small amount of red paste and gently blend, the red over the yellow coconut, but don’t cover all the yellow. Use the “fire” colored coconut for the fire pit and tike torches.

Surfing Cake submitted by Tammy Bowen from Glendale, Arizona

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