Behind The Scenes At Virgin Ice

I was recently in Ontario, Canada for a business trip.  On my way to the airport for my flight home, I arranged to make a stop at the offices of Virgin Ice.  Virgin Ice is a Canadian manufacturer of Fondant, gum-paste and other cake related items.  They are my go-to brand and they are an awesome company to work with.

My visit started with a tour of the manufacturing facilities.  Everything is state of the art and quality control is key for this company!  I never realized what went into making something like fondant commercially until my tour.  Everyone I spoke with in the plant had a true appreciation for what they do.  I definitely have a new appreciation for the process.  The ware house was just as impressive as the manufacturing facility, where I was in cake designer heaven – pallet upon pallet, case upon case of fondant – which they have available in 16 great colors (Tiffany blue is one of my favorites). Their fondant is made in Canada, gluten free and certified kosher! 


I can’t share all of the photos I took publicly, but here is one I snapped for my niece of all of the containers of Doo-Z-Doh ( a fondant line geared towards young decorators that comes in a variety of great flavors and colors, and helps promote fine motor skills).  She wants to be like her uncle Mark when she grows up, and is becoming quite the Doo-Z-Doh officianado.

Virgin also manufactures great tasting gluten-free cake mixes, ready to use gum-paste, and the most amazing dry gum-paste mix that I love for making my petal paste with!

Once my tour was done, I sat with my contacts Frankie and Cora and we had a great discussion about the decorating industry.  They picked my brain about a couple of products they are working on, as well as took notes on what products I’d like to see in the future (some of which they have all ready started working on – how exciting is that?).    It is great to work with a company that cares about what it’s end users really want in a brand….you don’t see that often any more!

                You can visit their website for more information, and if you have the chance to check out their products at upcoming trade show, be sure to do so.  I absolutely love working with their fondant – I can get it fairly thin for great coverage, and it leaves my cakes with a nice blank canvas to build on.  And as mentioned, I use their dry gum-paste mix to make my petal paste, giving me the ability to get petal thin realistic sugar flowers every time (not to mention it dries with a nice porcelain finish that takes my SugarArt colors perfectly).

                Until Next Time,

                Happy Caking!

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