Marvelous Molds - New & Improved?

If you have ever taken a class with me, watched my DVD, or seen one of my few online tutorials, then you have heard me say, “I’m a man and I’m lazy”!  If there is a way for my to do something with less effort – a shortcut of sorts – I am all up on it!  That is why I am a HUGE fan of Marvelous Molds and their range of products!

                If there is something new by Marvelous Molds, I know I need to have it.  OK, so maybe NEED isn’t exactly the right word…WANT is more like it.  I`ve said it a million times before – I am a cake toy junkie!  So recently, my friend Elisa Strauss came out with a follow up to her successful craftsy class on making stunning high heel shoes.  In it, she uses many molds and texture mats that she co-created with the Marvelous Molds team.  My order was placed instantaneously!

                Fast forward a few days to me receiving my order.  I always feel like a kid at Christmas when I`m opening a package.  Who cares if I already know what’s inside?  Imagine my surprise when I remove the paper stuffing to see my molds are different…not different bad, but they aren’t that same solid bright Marvelous Molds green I have become accustomed to.  They are a translucent bright green and they have a very cool insert in the bag showing the product.  I am impressed.  Changes in packaging (even the smallest change) usually mean a hike in price…not with Marvelous Molds – same price, different appearance. 



At this point, I don’t know how I feel about it.  I am so used to the product being a certain way, will this change in appearance change the functionality….not all silicones are equal afterall.  Well, there is only one way to find out….to the Cake Studio Batman!  I unwrap one of the buckle molds at a feverish pace and grab some fondant. I also grab a buckle mold from a previous wave of molds that is still in my tried and true solid green.  Any difference in functionality and ease of use?  Absolutley not, different silicone, same great result!  Then my mind turns to Onlays…..

                I am a big fan of Onlays because the allow me to get a professional looking pattern without spending a boat load of time to do it.  The only downside to the solid green is I get worried that I won’t line them up properly, even though they are designed to perfectly line up.  Well, now that the new silicone is translucent, this is going to stop me from second guessing myself!  I am now resolved to slowly start replacing my existing Onlay collection with the new silicone versions (unless I have any fairy god-cakers out there that want to surprise me ;) )

                I am sold on this new look to Marvelous Molds products.  They continue to revolutionize the brand and make our lives as artists that much easier.  They definitely aren’t new products – same great ones we love, but they are indeed improved!  If you haven’t had a chance to try the new molds out, I highly recommend you do so soon!

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