Basket of Flowers Cakes

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The basket of flowers cakes are commonly taught to beginner cake decorators in classes. They work great for birthdays, Mother's Day or as an any occasion cake.

Basket of Blooms Cake

basket of blooms cakeHere is my cake I made for my decorating class. I'm very proud of it.
Decorated by Christy Malone from Harlingen, TX

Basket of Flowers Cake

basket of flowers cakeTo make the basket of flowers cake I took two small oblong cake pans. Baked a fresh strawberry cake, glazed with a fresh strawberry glaze. I then made my butter cream icing in a medium consistency, and laid out my basket weave pattern over my iced cake. I used a tip #47 for the entire cake.

Two weeks prior to baking the cake, I made the handle and the basket lids with royal icing letting it harden. I used a tip # 47 for the basket weave pattern on the lids, and a tip#104 for the ruffle around the basket lid edge. I cut dowel rods to the length that I wanted my basket lids to open and inserted in the cake to hold the basket lids open.

I used a tip #21 to do rope borders top and bottom.

I made butter cream roses and sweet peas and filled the basket, allowing them to cascade out.

The cake was a big hit...everyone marveled at the fact it was all edible...with the exception of the 2 dowel rods...LOL!

Decorated by Robin from Athens, GA

Flower Basket Cake

flower basket cakeUse a regular cake mix "vanilla", make my own icing because got better consistency for the flower and color flow to make the birds and a lot of patience for every details in the cake.
Cake decorated by Aurora from Merced, CA

If you've decorated any basket of flowers cakes, please add them to our gallery.

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