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Beach cakes are popular for birthday and weddings. Here you'll find a variety of ideas ranging from cakes with seashells, palms trees, flip-flops and sand castles.

Sunset Beach Cake

sunset beach cakeMake a plain or chocolate cake or even buy one. Cover it in white royal icing. Dye some of the icing different colors. Make Hawaiian flowers to go round the base of the cake.

Get some bright yellow and red food coloring and get a paint brush and paint a smudged sunset effect (blur the 2 colors together).

Make a palm tree slanted across the side of the cake (dye icing green and brown).
Also make sea shells on the bottom of the cake before you stick them on with warm water. Make a sandy color with the yellow food coloring. Stick the shells and tree on the cake and present on a nice plate and you have your amazing cake!

Submitted by Bethan from Cardiff, Wales

Beach/Ocean Cake

1 tier (3 layers) of white cake with strawberry filling and 2 tiers of chocolate cake with chocolate filling. Decorated with blue buttercream, white piping, molded chocolate shells and sprinkles. Topped with sea shells.
Submitted by Lauren Stockly from Montrose, California

Seaside Birthday Cake

seaside birthday cakeBaked and frosted 2 layer 8 inch cake with blue tinted buttercream icing. Shells made out of white chocolate, sand made from crushed graham crackers, white and brown sugar and a bit of pepper for a more realistic touch.
Submitted by Kris from Miami, Florida

My Beach House Cake

my beach house cakeMy beach house cake was put together by my six year old daughter Aundrea. It was made with no bake cake and that was put into sand castle molds from Walmart then it was covered and remolded with brown sugar. She added organic sugar cane for more interest, candy shells were made with chocolate and gummy fish were scattered. The shovel was made out of fondant. She didn't place because the judges thought it was too hard for her to make. Its not! The cake was auctioned off for $7 and was made for about $10.

Another way to make sand for a beach house cake is to use ground up graham crackers. You can mix this together with brown sugar and raw sugar. The raw sugar gives a glistening effect that resembles sand.

If you want to add edible shells, you can mold shells from white chocolate. Add a little sparkle to your molded chocolate shells by first placing a light coating of pearl luster dust in them. You can make the shells look more realistic by marbleizing the chocolate and then pouring it into the molds. Only use a small amount of the color you are adding, whether it be milk chocolate or a colored chocolate. This way, the marble effect will come out better.

Submitted by Jordana from Acton, California

Sand Castle Cake

sand castle cakeThis cake took many different ingredients. It has three layers. I used buttercream icing. I coated the icing with vanilla wafers. I crushed them so the would look like real sand. I used graham crackersticks,and ice-cream cones.

Flip-Flops & Bikini Cake

flip-flops and bikini cakeI made this flip-flops & bikini cake for a co-worker's daughter, for her 14th birthday party. I was disappointed to find out that my grocery store didn't have icing, so I forced myself to make my own buttercream... Needless to say, I won't ever buy icing again! I didn't realize it would taste better.

So the cake is a double-layered 13x9 cake with homemade buttercream frosting, and I used spray color to go from orange on the bottom to fade to yellow on top. Next I took fondant and cut out the bikini top and bottom and used a flower cut-out used for fondant or gum paste to decorate it. I made the flip-flops out of waffles (shaped it) and put frosting on one side so I could put strips of fondant over it without having the waffle print come through. Then I used candy necklaces for the thongs on the flip-flops and made the bikini a halter-top.

Submitted by by Liwan Degnan from Poughkeepsie, NY

Relaxing on the Beach Cake

relaxing on the beach cakeThis particular cake was for a man's birthday, however it would be GREAT for a beach themed wedding! Relaxing at the beach in the Adirondack chairs, with a beach umbrella, beach towel, a hat, a good book and a favorite pair of flip flops. The seashells are made from milk chocolate and white chocolate. And you can't forget your surfboard to catch that big wave!! This is a Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting & Cream Cheese Filling, then covered in fondant. Most decorations made from fondant, non-edible items are the fences, the sea glass and the grass and chairs.
Submitted by by Mary Jo Ter Meer from Chino Hills, CA

Flip-flops on Beach Cake

flip flops on beach cakeThis is a 1/4 sheet cake frosted in buttercream. The flip-flops, shells, and sand dollar are from shaped fondant. I pressed a (clean!) rubber shelf liner in the fondant to get the pattern on the top of the flip-flops. The sand is brown and white sugar. The water is just blue and white buttercream. The letters were cut from fondant with cutters. The cake was finished with a simple shell border of buttercream.
Submitted by by H.J. from Springfield, KY

Buttercream Beach Theme Cake

buttercream beach theme cakeThis is a standard white cake with buttercream. The shells were made of white chocolate and dusted with pearl dust.

Submitted by by Brenda Clayton from Myrtle Beach, SC

Day at the Beach Cake

day at the beach cakeThis was a chocolate cake (made with coffee, which adds super moisture and enhanced the chocolate flavor) with homemade chocolate pudding filling. I used chocolate butter cream icing and a white rolled fondant outer shell. I made piping gel for the water and toffee bits for the sand mixed with glitter sugar in beige. All the pieces are fondant including the people, raft, inner tube, castle, shells, pail and shovel, and starfish.
Submitted by Gina H from Chicago, IL

If you've made any beach cakes, please submit them to our gallery. Or, if you'd like to add other cake decorating suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.

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