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Bumble bee cakes are quite cute as summer birthday cakes. For the most part, you'll find yellow and black cakes, but if you want to do something with flowers, bees certainly belong with them.

Bee Hive Baby Cake

bee hive baby cakeThe bee hive baby cake is made with two 10 inch round cakes. Once baked and cooled completely, I filled and stacked the layers and carved them into the shape of the hive. Then the whole cake was frosted with yellow buttercream icing.

I made the bees out of colored fondant and they are held onto the cake with toothpicks.

Submitted by Jessica Podair from Greensboro, NC

Bumble Bee Halloween Party Cake

bumble bee halloween party cakeI made this bumble bee Halloween cake for someone's birthday. It was the day before Halloween. She was dressing up as a bee so that was the theme of the cake. I made a square 10" cake for the bottom. It was an Oreo cake and I iced it in chocolate. I then sprinkled green sugar all over it to look like grass. Then I made the bee hive out of 3 round cakes. An 8", 6" and 4". I sliced the cakes and filled them with an Oreo cream filling then iced them in chocolate. I used a lot of icing and kept adding more till the bee hive started to take shape. I then covered it in yellow fondant. I made little bees out of yellow and black fondant. Their bodies were ovals with 2 black stripes. I used a heart shaped cutter to make their wings. I cut the heart in half and then pinched the one end to look like a wing. They were so much fun to make. I decided to make each one a different Halloween costume. There was a cat, vampire, bat, devil, ballerina and ghost. I then added other decorations like the spider on top, the cat on the fence and the signs on the bee hive. I made the fence out of fondant. I put it together section by section on the counter. I then stood that entire section up onto the cake. I wanted it to have a graveyard look so I broke some of the posts. Everyone at the party loved it. In fact they didn't want to cut it. I was so happy with how it turned out!

Submitted by Kristienne Bottorf from Choreographed Cakes in Davenport, FL

Bumble Bee Cake

bumble bee cakeI used a bundt pan to represent the bee hive. The pan that I have is a two parter. It is round but you add the other piece and the whole center is cut out and you fill it with either pudding, ice cream. You can play around with it that is what I did to get the right size. A box of cake batter and done - everything that the box tells you to do. Then you will need black food coloring and two white frostings. Mix one with black food coloring and the other in yellow. For the legs I got black candy anything that you can find to shape into legs. I had a hard time finding things for legs. Black licorice for the tentacles with a gummy fruit saver on top. Black licorice for the tail. Dots cut in half for the eyes. Then with the body you divide it to make sure that you get enough of both colors. I used a star tip on the whole body . White for the face and just decorate the rest when you are done.
Submitted by by Rosalina Walsh from Cleveland, Ohio

Buzzy Bumble Bee Cake

buzzy bumble bee cakeI used an 8" round cake pan with one box of cake mix. I cooled it, leveled it, and then cut it in half. I iced one half on the side that was leveled and then stuck the other leveled side down on the icing. I then put it on a cake board and iced the entire thing yellow, I added black stripes, a stinger, and then the eyes. I then took wax paper and melted bakers chocolate in an icing decorating bag and made the wings and the antennas. I put them in the freezer to assure that they were nice and hard. I then made small slits in the cake where I wanted the chocolate pieces and I stuck them in, and voila... my bee cake!
Submitted by Chrissy Eisenbarth from Okinawa, JP

If you've made any bumble bee cakes, please feel free to add them to our gallery.

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