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Duck Cake Collage

Featured below are a number of different duck cakes made by visitors to this website. For as long as they've been making rubber ducks as bath toys, rubber ducks have been popular.

Some of these cakes feature actual rubber ducks placed on top of the cake and others are made entirely of edible ingredients.

3D Duck Cake

3d duck cake

The 3D duck cake was made by stacking a a molded duck cake on top of a round tier. First I made a 2-layer 8" cake. I decorated it with pink frosting. The top and bottom of the round tier have a pink border that was made using a star tip. The polka dots on the side of the round tier are pink and white circles cut from fondant using the bottom of a cake decorating tip.

The duck was made using Wilton's 3d duck cake pan. Once it was placed on top of the round tier, the entire duck was covered with yellow buttercream stars. I frosted the beak orange and smoothed it, then used a blue confetti sprinkle for the eye. =]

Submitted by by Brittany S. from Hoquiam, WA



Rubber Duck Cakes

rubber duck in a tub cakeThis rubber duck in a tub cake is a single tier round cake.

To make this cake, place on a large round cake board to leave room for the "grass" and other decorations.

Cover the top of the cake with an aqua blue tinted fondant.

Roll out brown fondant to create the slats of the barrel. Make it look like wood by distressing it with a fondant scriber, making lines going back and forth. Cut into 1" strips. Attach strips to the cake. Rub brown airbrush color on and wipe off the strips. Going across the middle of the strips around the cake, add a 1" wide strip of fondant. When dry enough, paint silver with a combination of silver powdered food color and vodka. Do the same at the bottom of the barrel.

Place the rubber ducks on top of the cake and create bubbles by piping white buttercream with a large cake decorating tip all around the ducks.

Using the grass tip, pipe green grass all around the base of the cake.

The decorations surrounding the cake are all made from gum paste. There is a bar of soap, a blanket, a bottle of baby lotion and small flowers.

The ducks on the bottom of the cake were made from chocolate with a duck chocolate mold.

Submitted by Ellen from Virginia

Ducks in Bubble Bath Cake

cake with rubber ducks3 ten inch round cakes formed the Rubber Ducky Tub Cakes, covered with butter cream frosting with blue swirls for water effect.  3 tins of Pepperidge Farm Pirouette rolled wafers for the edge of the cake to form tub. White french dragees for bubbles.
Submitted by Mary from Austin, Texas



Duckie Pond Cake

The duckie pond cake started with a 1/2 sheet single-layer rectangle cake. I iced the sides in white buttercream and did a light coat of icing on top, since it will be covered. Then I piped a small top and bottom border with light green icing, using a small round tip.

Then, for the pond scene on top, I used my small spatula to spread light blue/white striped buttercream pond. It was in the shape of a kidney bean/oval. Then I used my grass tip to pipe green grass surrounding the pond to the edges of the cake. There are drop flowers in the grass.

The fun of this cake are the buttercream duckies in the pond- they are made by piping a base body with tip 10 (large round). Pipe a round ball which tapers off into a point. Then, using a smaller round tip (like #4) pipe a little round ball on top for the head, and little tapering wings on each side of the body. Then, using orange buttercream, and small leaf tip (#352s), pipe a little beak. And lastly little dot blue eyes. I made varying size duckies to look like mommies with ducklings! I piped each duck on a piece of wax paper, on a flower nail, and then pop it into the freezer. It hardens enough so you can take it off the wax paper with your fingers or scissors to place on the pond.

Lastly there are little lily pads and flowers. The pads are made on a flower nail with petal tip, making a round shape. Same thing as the duckies- freeze and then position. The flowers are with white buttercream, with a star tip, pull out in a circle to make a spikey flower. Then pipe a little yellow star in the center.

This is one of my favorite cake designs to make for baby showers!

Submitted by Julie M. from Rochester, NY


Rubber Duck in Bathtub Cake

buttercream duck in tub

This rubber duck in bathtub cake combines buttercream and fondant.

This rubber ducky in bathtub cake was a cake that I made for my child's first birthday party.  He loved duckies and bubbles at the time so I decided to try to put the ducky in a bubble bath.

I used the Wilton 3d rubber ducky pan for the ducky and iced him with buttercream.

I made a hat for him by cutting off the bottom of an ice cream cone and wrapping it in fondant and placed that on ducky's head.

The bathtub is made of regular fondant and I molded it around a pan and let it dry overnight.  The next day I placed ducky in the tub and filled it with jelly beans and rolled fondant to look like bubbles.

I carved the knobs out of fondant and painted them with the silver luster dust and used a food writer marker for the H and C. Everything else is made of marshmallow fondant. The soap is glazed with a pearl luster dust in hopes of making it look wet.

Submitted by Jodi from Georgia

pastel fondant duck cake

By Theresa Alligood, Lakeland, Florida


USED TIPS 16 & 18

By Jessica-Wake and Bake Bakery, Southern Illinois
Made with easy to make marshmallow fondant.

Country Baby Bath Cake

country baby bath cakeThis country baby bath cake was created with a total of six 16" round cakes stacked with buttercream between them, then cut into a barrel shape.

I cut strips of marshmallow fondant, distressed them with a pizza cutter, then stained them with brown icing color mixed with lemon oil. Once they were dry to the touch, yet still pliable, I attached each slat to the cake. Then, I banded them together with another piece of fondant across.

I put marshmallow fondant on the top of the cake, distressed it a bit, colored it a shade darker than the outside slats, and then let it dry. After it dried I applied clear piping gel all over it.

The hand water pump is actually Rice Krispie treats shaped around a wooden dowel that was inserted into the cake board then covered with marshmallow fondant. The water going from the spout to the cake is actually pulled sugar with piping gel over it. All decorations, including: soap, wash cloth, western style duckies, bubbles, flowers and grass are made of marshmallow fondant.

Happy Baking!

Submitted by Deborah Housen from Greenville, CA

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