Crib Cakes, Bassinet Cakes

crib and bassinet cakes

Crib cakes and,bassinet cakes make great baby shower cakes. The slats on the crib can be created from a number of different mediums.

You can use gum paste, pastillage or chocolate, but you'll want to measure to make all the pieces the right size and prepare this part in advance.

Candy's Bassinet Cake

Candy's bassinet cakeWhen I made Candy's bassinet cake, I made the lace first using bought royal icing and made heart shapes on wax paper let dry for 24 hours.

Then I baked a "Greens" vanilla and coconut cake and when cool cut the top off to make it level. I layered it with rolled almond icing. I turned the cake tin over and made the canopy out of rolled almond icing but found that it wouldn't dry hard so I had to make a cardboard mold the same shape but cutting a paper template first and tracing it onto cardboard, then carefully transferring the icing over the top of the cardboard. Once placed on the cake, then I then proceeded to (my first attempt) do the basket weave icing with a no. 47 icing tip. I made every mistake under the sun as this was my first attempt at this kind of thing. I had made the icing too runny at one point and realized that it had to be quite thick. Once I got that right it came out a lot better. And the basket weave was very tricky at first. Then just filled in the hollows and finished with icing all around. Added the heart lace. Painted the basket weave with shimmer. Wrapped with ribbon and added some home made cabbages..hehe my roses look more like cabbages.

Submitted by Fran Durant from Cleveland, Australia

Crib Cake

crib cakeThis crib cake is actually a sheet cake that is surrounded by cake boards that were cut to make the crib.

The sheet cake was filled, frosted and then covered with fondant. The checked blanket design was created by hand painting squares of yellow and pink. The first row of yellow squares have pink polka dots painted on them to differentiate them from the blanket. This part is the sheets. The blanket is folded down and at the edge of the blanket that has been folded down is a ruffle made from fondant.

The lower half of the cake features ruffles in fondant to resemble a bed ruffle. The bottom layer of ruffles is pink and the top one is white. They were attached to the cake with a bit of water and extend all around the entire cake.

To make the crib part of the crib cake, two cake boards were cut into the shape of a headboard and footboard. The sides of the crib were cut to create slats. Then the 4 sides were glue together. All along the edges of the footboard and headboard are glued fake strings of pearls.

Submitted by Margie F from Charles Town, WV

Baby Crib Cake

baby crib cakeI used two rectangular cake for a two layer cake. I covered it with buttercream first. Next, I put a layer of fondant on. Then I made the rest of the pieces of the crib out of fondant and the ruffle bed skirt from fondant as well, and used royal icing to "glue" them to the fondant. I wrote "Baby" on the top in white royal icing.
Submitted by Anne Mihelich from Butte, MT

Baby Carriage Cake

baby carriage cake16" cake pan
2 x 6" cake pans for wheels
Submitted by Erin McClees from Wisconsin

If you've made any crib cakes or bassinet cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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