Dawn Parrott's Winning OSSAS Cake

Dawn Parrott OSSAS Cake

What an amazing first time experience it was for me at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show having the unique opportunity to see my good friend, Dawn Parrott win the grand prize. I was lucky enough to see the progression of the cake prior to the show when she texted me these photos. I knew early on she had something pretty spectacular in the works.

While many cake decorators begin planning the following year's cake as soon as the show concludes, Dawn whipped up her masterpiece in a mere six weeks. Her inspiration came from some plates her neighbor brought over to her.

Many different techniques are employed in the construction of her cake. Dawn made eight different attempts to pipe the figures and was just about to give up when she decided at 12:30 am to give it one more try and then finally liked the way it was coming out. She says, "No, it's not the way Eddie Spence would do it." But, when Dawn teaches, she always emphasizes to her students that there are many different ways to do something and you have to do what works best for you. And, that's just what Dawn did. Needless to say, her technique worked exceptionally well for her. Dawn is fearless in her piping endeavors and says, "Don't be afraid. It's only sugar. If you mess up, just remove it and do it again."

Here are photos of Dawn's cake in different stages of progress:

beginning stages

Dawn Parrott's OSSAS cake stacked

next state of Dawn Parrotts ossas cake

Dawn Parrott cake set-up

Here Dawn gets help from her step-mother Ginny Coady and Melissa Carlisle setting up the tablescape for her cake.


I am far more the nerd than a sports fan and, for the life of me, I never understood why fans made such a big deal when their teams won. However, precisely in the moment Kerry Vincent announced Dawn the winner, I understood! I couldn't hold back the tears nor resist the urge to jump up and hug her, delaying her arrival to center stage.

Dawn Parrott and Kerry Vincent

This is the moment when Dawn was congratulated by Kerry Vincent.


Dawn Parrott and Shayne Greenman

Dawn with the very talented and dashing Aussie, Shayne Greenman (probably obvious from his shirt)


Dawn Parrott and Ceri Griffith

Dawn and yet another extraordinarily gifted piper, the one and only Ceri D Griffiths


By now, most of you know what a skilled piper Dawn Parrott is, but I can tell you first hand what a beautiful person she is. Dawn has the best attitude when it comes to piping, never getting upset about breakage. She is down-to-earth, funny, bright, creative, eager to share and an excellent teacher. I call her brilliant, but then she just laughs at me. If you put her in a room with Ceri D, you'll get a lot of sarcasm flying around. I have learned so much from Dawn just by listening to the things she looks for when she judges. I often claim we were separated at birth - but I definitely don't have her piping skills and I can't retain jokes.

Congratulations, my wonderful friend. You so deserve this!

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