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Here are a few different types of dog cakes: a boxer, a poodle, a bull dog and a dalmation.

Bull Dog Cake

bull dog cakeI used one cake mix, and made a Mickey Mouse head cake, cut off the ears,and cut the bottom of the cake off and shaped it. I used the ears to build up the nose and ears of the Bull dog, then frosted it.
Decorated by Janet from Wisconsin Rapids,WI

Boxer Dog Graduation Cake

boxer dog graduation cakeThis was a college graduation cake for someone who loves boxer dogs. The cake itself is a 14" round 4" high vanilla pound cake with a chocolate ganache filling. It is covered with white fondant and it has a red fondant ribbon at the base with the college name piped on it with white royal icing. There is also a fondant diploma and mortar board on the cake. The real star of the cake is the hand sculpted boxer dog made of fondant and hand-painted with edible paint. The dog was made about four days ahead of time and is left to dry. Though it was made of edible materials, the dog was not meant to be eaten.
Decorated by Olivia Dougherty from Roseville, CA

Little Poodle Cake

little poodle cakeThis poodle cake is made with fondant and sugar paste.

The cake and cake board are covered in pink fondant and the edges are crimped with crimpers.

Decorated by Lilach Shifman from Kfar Yona, Israel

Dog and Bone Cake

dog and bone cakeTo make this dog cake:

1. Bake at least a 10 inch wide cake.

2. Add Kelly Green color paste gel to butter cream frosting, and frost the cake.

3. Mold rice crispy treats into the shape of a large bone, then cover with fondant, and place on the cake.

4. Use various colors of gel paste in fondant to make dog, ball, a small bone, ripped-up doll, and food dishes, then place them on the cake.

I let the doll dry, then ripped off an arm and leg, then poked holes in it with a tooth pick. And in the end, it looked pretty close to what my dog’s toys looked like.

5. Using black color paste gel and a very small paint brush and write the dog’s name on the food dishes.

6. I dug a small hole in the cake and placed the small bone next to it.

7. I used a 1S round tip to pipe yellow hair on the rag-doll.

8. Mix a small amount of piping gel and blue color paste gel for the water dish.

9. Mix a small amount of coconut with dark brown color paste gel to make dog food.

10. Lastly, I used a size 16 star tip for the grass.

Decorated by Tammy Bowen from Glendale, Arizona

If you've decorated any dog cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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