Ferris Wheel Cakes

ferris wheel cakes

Ferris wheel cakes are fun cakes reminiscent of summer time at the park. Here are a few ideas to create your own.

The 1893 World's Fair Cake

1983 world's fair cakeFor this 1983 worlds fair cake, 2 weeks ahead of time I made the gum paste figures and pieces. The fence, the lamp posts, ticket booth, plants and pots.

The ferris wheel is made of gum paste and accented with royal icing. I made the wheel structures and seats and let them all dry and then put it all together with royal icing.

The little girl is made of gum paste. After her body dried, I made the clothes from gum paste and attached to the body. The flag in the little girl's hand is made of gum paste and decorated with food markers. For her hair I wrapped tiny twists of gum paste around toothpicks and allowed to dry and then attached to her head.

All of the people were made in the same way, but I spent more time on the little girl.

The pavilion was made with turrets from a princess castle kit covered in fondant and decorated with royal icing.

The cake is an 11 x 15 with 2 layers, filled and iced with buttercream. The outside roller coaster track is made of fondant and the border of rocks are fondant. The ferris wheel and the pavilion are heavy and need to be placed on supports. I used 3 cardboard cake boards for the extra weight.

Submitted by Linda Lees from California

Ferris Wheel Cake

ferris wheel cakeThe middle is a 10-inch round cake.

The baskets were made using Wilton's mini-loaf pan, and trimmed so they looked like they were attached to the wheel.

This cake was for a grandmother, and each of the baskets were named for her grandchildren.

Submitted by Tracy from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

If you've made any ferris wheel cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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