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Springtime Floral Birthday Cake

sprintime floral birthday cakeI really wanted to impress my new mother-in-law for her 75th birthday party. I worked for 3 days on this cake to make it extra special for her.
First I made all the different flowers from royal icing with the help of my mother and friend and let dry for 2 days. The day before the party I baked 6 rum cakes-starting with the 10 inch then the 8 inch then the 6 inch. I separated each cake in half and filled it with guava which left each stack with a 4 layer filling separation. I then applied a thin layer of buttercream as a crumb coat. The next morning which was the morning of the party I sat for about 3 hours and piped the basket weave along with the borders.I added all of the flowers along the top rims of the cake layers and added the letters made from fondant and gum paste and numbers with sugar pearls. I finished with leaves to fill in any holes. Lastly added star candles.

The most exciting part of the day was when my mother-in-law saw the cake and loved it. Not only did she feel it was beautiful and delicious but the number 7 from the "75" reminded her of a number 1 which made her feel as young as a 15-year-old on her 75th birthday!

Cake decorated by Miriam Lopez from Jersey City, New Jersey

Pink and White Floral Cake

pink and white floral cakeThis is a rich cake decorated with fondant and flowers were made using plastic icing.
Cake decorated by Lilian Kisanga from Kilimanjaro,Tanzania

Pink and Green Flower Cake

pink and green flower cakeUsed 12" for bottom layer and 8" for top layer. Marshmallow fondant tinted hot pink and green, my twins favorite colors. Decorated with silk flowers, coordinating ribbon and sugar dots.
Decorated by Leasa Day from Metamora, IN

Iris Birthday Cake

iris birthday cakeThis iris birthday cake was made for Kristin's birthday and is a buttermilk cake, (REALLY yummy!), covered in buttercream icing with lemon extract flavor.

Next, added a white ribbon all around the sides of the cake, any color would do. Then, after tinting leftover icing yellow, I piped dots all around, (not as bad as it sounds, the ribbon made a nice guide so it was pretty even.) Then I added the flowers, made of gum paste. Hope she likes it!

The gum paste irises are made well in advance to allow them to dry and then just placed on the center of the cake.

Cake decorations by Kris from Miami

Fondant Cake with Irises

fondant cake with irisesThis is a butter pecan flavored cake with butter cream icing, decorated with a background of purple fondant, topped with hand crafted fondant irises.
Cake decorated by Brandi Newman from Phoenix, AZ

Blue Flower Cake

blue flower cakeI made the cake with 2 butter recipe box cake. I made a 6 inch and a 10 inch round cakes. I covered both with buttercream frosting and then cover both with homemade marshmallow fondant.

Recipe for fondant:

I pack (160z) marshmallow

2 table spoons water

1 pound confectioners sugar.

put water and marshmallow in microwave until melted, put confectioners sugar in bowl and mix. Turn on a surface and knead till smooth. keep surface greased with shortening as well as hands. wrap in a plastic wrap and a ziploc back and let sit for a day. If you want to color it, add color to marshmallow once it's melted before adding confectioners sugar.

Decorated by Yemi from Delaware

Georgia Magnolia Cake

Georgia magnolia cakeThis was a white cake with butter cream frosting and a ganache topping. The magnolia created at the request of the 19 year old birthday girl was my first attempt at Gumpaste flowers.
Cake decorated by Charlene from Roswell, GA

Springtime Birthday Cake

springtime birthday cakeMy sister's birthday was Easter Sunday this year, so I wanted something springy - but not Eastery. The three layers are made from multiple other layers of yellow butter cake and white cake, all iced in buttercream. Everything else is marshmallow fondant, with a bit of gumpaste for stability on the monogram.
Cake decorated by Kim Simmons from Livingston, TX

Springtime Fun Cake

springtime fun cakeWith the weather finally warming up outside, I was in the mood to make a cake. I also needed to practice working with rolled fondant, since I'm making the cake for my upcoming wedding. I've never worked with fondant before, so for a first try, I think this cake turned out pretty well.

It's a simple 2 layer strawberry cake with a buttercream filling. I made the fondant from scratch, using a recipe I found online. I rolled the fondant out, and draped the cake. I just used my hands to smooth it. I took the remaining fondant and colored small sections. I rolled each color out again, and used cookie cutters to cut out the shapes. The circles were cut out using a bottle top.

Decorated by Tasha from Bloomington

Orchid Cake

orchid cakeI made a 9 inch and 6 inch 2 layer cake, chocolate, iced in chocolate, then covered with white fondant. Orchids made from gum paste.
Decorated by Kris from Miami

Pink Rose Birthday Cake

pink rose birthday cakeThis pink birthday cake was made using a boxed cake mix(I know, sad but true) and homemade fondant for the covering. The fondant is made of equal parts melted marshmallow and powdered sugar. Super easy and tastes good! Add a little cornstarch to help the fondant hold it's shape if needed.

Just cut out strips of pink, red, and black fondant and lay them on the upper, white fondant tier. Where the strips meet, place a few fondant ribbon roses in the center of the cake.

The bottom layer is covered in pink fondant and decorated around the sides with polka dots in different shapes of white and black fondant.

I made this cake for a birthday dinner and before we even got candles on the thing people were eating the little fondant balls around the base.

Cake decorated by Diana from Washington

Light Up Daffodil Mini-Cakes

light up daffodil mini-cakesI used old greeting card boxes wrapped in foil to attach the battery pack under the cake, so that it was not exposed. I ran the ten mini lights through a plastic tube so the lights were dangling out of the top (above the cake). I baked 2 two-layer 6 inch mini cakes. I cut a slit from the center of each cake to the outer edge of each one so that I could slide the cake onto the cake board. I basket weaved the cakes so that they looked like pots. The day before I made my daffodils and leaves out of gum paste and attahced them to floral wire so they were stable enough to hold the mini lights. I inserted the daffodils and leaves and other decorations then strung the mini lights through the back of the flowers. The battery pack had an on/off switch so that you could turn it on when served. I thoroughly enjoyed making these cakes, it was quite the experiment.
Mini-cakes decorated by Heather Lindsteadt from Ukiah, CA

Pink Elegance Cake

pink elegance rose cakeI made this cake for my friend's 60th birthday party.It's a fruit cake (raisins,currants and prunes were soaked in dark rum and cherry brandy) covered with homemade fondant which I made from icing sugar, gelatin and liquid glucose and decorated with sugar flowers .This cake took center stage at the party, everyone loved it and couldn't wait to taste it!!
Cake decorated by Mary from Trinidad and Tobago

Orchid Cake

orchid cakeI baked 2 1/2 sheet cakes, iced and decorated with buttercream icing, decorated using gumpaste orchids, silk bamboo leaves at request of client.
Decorated by Kris from Miami

Sota Lily Cake

sota lily cakeThis elegant birthday cake is my vanilla cake filled with pineapple. I covered the cake in white fondant and brushed super pearl lustre dust on the top. Then I piped a sotas design using a #2 round tip, over the pearl dust and then added a row of "pearls" on the inside border. The outside border, top and bottom, were finished with a pineapple buttercream ruffle.

I added sugar roses and lilies for the final elegant effect.

Cake decorated by Debbie Liveris from San Marco, TX

Pleated Chocolate Elegance Cake

pleated chocolate elegance cakeThis pleated chocolate elegance cake is an 8" 3 layer, 5" deep chocolate cake filled with southern comfort buttercream and cherries. The exterior was covered in so-co buttercream and a thin layer of white chocolate fondant.

To make the pleats I worked in sections. Rolled out strips of white chocolate fondant to a length of approximately 9" and 4" deep. I rolled an embossing pin over the fondant and brushed it with gold pearl lustre dust. Then I began the pleats by rolling under the first edge and folding the fondant back and forth over a wooden skewer until the section was pleated. I attached it to the edge of the cake with a dab of water. I continued making sections of pleats until I had enough to go around the cake, and leaving the front center section "open" about 2".

I then rolled out a disk of fondant to 10", embossed it and dusted with gold pearl and placed over the top of the cake which covered the top edges of the pleats. I then mixed gold pearl lustre dust with so-co and painted (using a stencil) a swirl pattern on the top of the cake.

A dab of buttercream held the rosebuds, flowers and lilies in place in an asymmetrical pattern. Small royal icing flowers were pushed into the cake where the top fondant disk meets the top edges of the pleats.

Decorated by Debbie Liveris from San Marco, TX

Sotas and Lilies Cake

sotas and lilies cakeThe sotas and lillies cake was my very first birthday cake that I decorated. I made this sotas & lily cake for a friend of ours who was celebrating his 56th birthday. The cake is a yellow sheet cake made in a 9x13 sheet pan, the ingredients for the cake is as follows:

3 cups of sifted cake flour
1 1/4 cup of whole buttermilk
2 cups of sugar
5 large eggs (room temperature)
1 cup of softened butter (I prefer land of lakes unsalted)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon baking powder
1-2 teaspoon of clear vanilla extract

Cream butter until light & creamy in color, gradually add sugar 1/2 cup at a time, beating for about a minute or so after each addition. Add eggs one at a time then add dry ingredients & alternate with buttermilk & extract and mix until incorporated, that way you won't get a lot of air bubbles in your batter. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for about 35 - 38 minutes or until toothpick come out clean when inserted.

For the Chocolate Buttercream frosting, I followed the Wilton buttercream recipe, just added 1 stick of butter with the 2 cups of shortening, and added 3/4 cups of cocoa and used milk instead of water.

The cake was decorated with handmade royal icing lilies, tip #3 was used to create the sotas design and tip #21 was used for the star border.

Cake decorated by Teresa B. from Columbus, GA

Flower Cake

flower cakeThis one actually my first time working with fondant. That's why it's not clean cut...but I am working on it. The flowers are made out of gum paste and fondant as well.It's a 3 tier cake. bottom is 10" and middle is 8" and top one is 6" round cake. It's a simple yellow cake. I hope everybody will enjoy my cake pictures..... :)
Cake decorated by Tazkera from Bronx, NY

Spring Cake

spring flowers cakeUse a regular cake mix "vanilla", make my own icing because got better consistency for the flower and color flow to make the birds and a lot of patience for every details in the cake. Hope you guys like it !
Decorated by Aurora from Merced, CA

Whimsical Birthday Cake

whimsical birthday cakeI made this cake for my daughter who turned 18 last weekend. It is Chocolate and Red Velvet cake. It is frosted with a buttercream frosting. The flowers are made out of gum paste and royal icing.  Basic round cake. Made with butter cream frosting. I used the basket weave effect for the side . All flowers and little flower faries are mad out of gum paste. I airbrushed the cake as well as the flowers. My daughter loved it and shared it with her friends on a youth group outing.
Decorated by Mary Neiderlander from Middletown, MD

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