Flower Pot Cakes

flower pot cakes

Flower pot cakes make elegant Mother's Day cakes or just a cake for a female who enjoys flowers.

The pot itself can be shaped by carving the stacked cake while upside down. Use a serrated knife to trim the excess off in an angle so the top of the cake will be wider than the bottom.

Flower Pot of Roses Cake

flower pot cakeI ganached the pot part using the Aussie method, but used a larger diameter cake board on top to get the shape right. The flowers are put on a cake I baked in a small oven safe glass bowl so I could get the height. The cake is decorated in fondant.

The sides of the cake are covered with fondant strips cut to form wooden lats. Then the cake is tied with a pink bow.

The flowers were made by rolling strips of fondant to form ribbon roses. Green leaves were randomly placed in between them.

Cake decorated by Shamna from Abu Dhabi

Daisy Flower Pot Cake

daisy flower pot cakeThis is a daisy flower pot cake for I made for my wife.

The pot was shaped by creating a rim with the fondant. The dirt is crumbled chocolate cookies. The gum paste daisies were formed on wires and inserted into drinking straws placed into the cake.

Decorated by Simon from Lincoln

Here's a helpful flower pot cake demonstration:


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