Graduation Cakes

collage of graduation cakes

Here are a variety of graduation cakes from graduation caps to school logos to an actual school - all creative ideas for graduation from any grade level.

Graduation Cap Cake

graduation cap cakeThe base cake is a chocolate cake with a grand marnier buttercream filling. The top cake is also chocolate cake, with a layer of orange grand marnier cake, filled with grand marnier buttercream.

The mortar board - (a piece of cardboard) was covered in white fondant and iced with a cornelli lace design in royal icing. A sugar rose holds the fondant cord and royal icing makes the tassle (using a grass tip). It was then painted with gold luster dust.

The hat part was covered in white fondant and then decorated with a cornelli lace design in royal icing, hand painted small sugar flowers, were then inserted into every other shell on the border.

The base cake was covered in white fondant. Shell border.

The diploma was made from white chocolate fondant and rolled with an embossing pin. Then it was painted with lustre dust (pearl white). Intials of the graduate in royal icing and then painted with gold lustre dust.

This cake was such a hit that the graduate is going to place the mortar board and diploma in a shadow box and hang it on her wall.

Cake decorated by Debbie from Texas

Andrea's Graduation Cake

Andrea's graduation cakeAndrea's graduation cake was made with two 12" X 18" cakes. One butter recipe yellow and the other devils food chocolate. After cooling, I cut them using a template of the Lakeland High School Logo. I then iced them with fudge icing in the middle and buttercream icing for the exterior tinted orange & white for the school colors.

After the letter "L" was complete, I made two 8" round cakes, cooled and stacked them with fudge icing in the middle, then carved them to resemble the bottom portion of the graduation cap. I covered them with black fondant and trimmed the bottom with black icing. I cut out the square top using cardboard covered in black fondant. I secured the cardboard to the base of the cap using a skewer...fastened the tassel (a 2008 key chain sized tassel) to the skewer and topped the skewer with a button-sized ball of black fondant. I finished with personalizing the graduation cap with her name and Class of 2008.

Cake decorated by C Gilileo from Lakeland, FL

High School Graduation Cake

high school graduation cakeI used a buttermilk cake recipe with white icing. I also used purple, silver and black shimmer dust to create the school mascot, the panther. By using a template of each section, I was able to fill in the separate colors without them mixing.
Cake decorated by Kristina Lofstrom from Fairfax, VA

I'm Outta Here!

i'm outta here cakeThis was a cake I saw in a magazine and had always wanted to do. So, when my brother graduated from high school, it was the perfect occasion! It's four 13 x9 rectangle cakes stacked up, and iced to look like a high school building with windows and shrubs made out of icing-covered marshmallows. The fun part is the happy graduate figurine and the cut out cookies letters spelling I'm Outta Here! It was a big hit at the party.

The cookies were baked with lollipop sticks in them so they could be place upright into the cake. Then the letters were frosted with royal icing.

Cake decorated by Julie M from Rochester, NY

Mizzou Themed Graduation Topsy Turvy Cake

mizzou themed graduation topsy turvy cakeMizzou Themed Graduation Topsy Turvy Cake, all edible & my first Topsy Turvy Cake! It was Butter Peacon, Lemon, & Strawberry Cake with Buttercream Icing.
Cake decorated by Kimberly from Hannibal, MO

Graduation Stars Cake

graduation stars cakeThis was a 1/2 sheet cake iced in blue buttercream and decorated with varying size multicolored fondant stars. Some of the stars are double stacked for added interest. There is also white buttercream piped stars mixed in for a little variety.
Cake decorated by Julie M from Rochester, NY

If you've decorated any graduation cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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