Inlay Class with Colette Peters

Colette Peters

Ever since buying Colette’s book, “Colette’s Wedding Cakes,“ back in 1993, I have been in awe of her work. My previous exposure to cake decorating techniques was limited to buttercream with the more advanced end offering tiered cakes on plastic columns and gaudy, plastic waterfalls. Colette opened my eyes to the possibilities of taking cake decorating to a new level. As such, the opportunity to take a class with Colette and finally meet Colette, 21 years later, was something I could not pass up while attending That Takes the Cake in Austin, Texas.

colette peters demonstrating

Colette’s inlay technique came about as the result of experimenting with different ways to achieve the look of inlay marble found in Italian architecture. She has designed cakes using this method to create panels applied to sections of a cake and to customize the look of the fondant before placing it over the cake. The results are impressive and the possibilities are endless.

colette demonstrating plaid fondant pattern

Colette Peters demonstrates a plaid fondant pattern using this technique

colette peters demonstrating inlay technique

inlay fondant designs
Different designs created with the inlay fondant technique: plaid, grass, and flowers



The inlay class teaches students to create a rose and iris inlay design in fondant. We warmed up to the main theme by first doing simpler designs like dots and stripes. The most challenging part of the floral design was mimicking the look of each piece of the picture while trying to keep all the different parts in size perspective.

striped and floral fondant pattern

marbled and dotted fondant pattern

Stripe and floral pattern created using the inlay technique
Solid and marbleized balls created this pattern



 And here is the finished iris and rose fondant inlay made by Colette Peters. Colette keeps you laughing the whole time you’re working, making the class go by quickly.

iris and rose inlay fondant

Colette has written several other books over the years. While she no longer has her cake shop in New York City, she travels teaching students her techniques. For Colette's latest list of classes, you can visit

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