Jungle Animal Cakes

collection of jungle animal cakes

Here are some jungle animal cakes made for all types of birthday celebrations. They include snake cakes, an elephant, a giraffe and an iguana.

Snake Cake

snake cakeI made the form using a bundt cake pan & mini loaf pans. After putting on the buttercream icing I airbrushed until I got the color I desired.
Cake decorated by Annetta Brady from Alapaha, Georgia

Giraffe Cake

giraffe cakeThis was a gluten free chocolate cake for a young lady who loves Madagascar. It was iced and the girafe was then assembled for the top. His body was made of rice crispie square and his neck was cut from a coat hanger, bent and covered with fondant. His finishing touches were added and delighted everybody at the party!
Decorated by Shelly Wilson from Calgary, AB Canada

Snake in the Grass Cake

snake in the grass cakeThis cake was made by me for my son Jayden's 10th birthday Oct 08..

I started by making the scales in advance using an mini oval shape cutter and coloured fondant. I allowed the scales to dry out. You have to make alot of them.. I then cooked two doughnut shaped mud cakes and cut them up to make it look like the shape of a snake curled up. I then covered the snake with buttercream and then placed the scales on one by one. I used buttercream for the board to look like grass i added reeds, leaves lizards and chocolate flake as logs for effect.. My son and his guests all loved his cake.. Not a hard cake to make, but it is time consuming and lots of fun..

Cake decorated by Sammi from Dandenong, Victoria, Australia

Iguana Cake

iguana cakeThis cake was for my BFF's son's 7th birthday. He requested an iguana and after a lot of research on iguanas, I decided the baby iguanas were the best looking ones LOL. The iguana here is made mostly of fondant, with a column of rice krispie treats in the neck for support. the front legs have wires in them, otherwise the entire thing is edible. Cake was chocolate covered in chocolate fondant.
Decorated by Carrie Shipton from Fond du Lac, WI

Elephant Cake

elephant cake3 layer dark chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese filling. Decorated with chocolate frosting, elephants drawn in melted chocolate, white piping and sprinkles. The design on top is drawn in merckens chocolate (used in molds).
Cake decorated by Lauren Stockly from Montrose, CA

Giraffe Cake

giraffe cakeThis was my 1st big stacked cake and my 5th fondant cake.  Bottom layer is 2 14x2 inch layers of dark chocolate fudge and yellow marble cake.  The top layer is 2 10x2 inch layers of dark chocolate fudge and yellow cake.  The cake is covered with homemade marshmallow fondant (MMF).  The giraffe was designed to match the party theme.
Decorated by Patti Schwartz, St. Charles MO

If you've decorated any jungle animal cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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