Monkey Cakes

monkey cakes

Here are monkey cakes in the form of a sheet cake, a carved 3d cake and a tiered cake to make for your little monkeys.

Cheeky Monkey Cake

cheeky monkey cakeI made this cake for my son's first birthday his name is Connor, he was born April fool's day 2007, 2 months early! We have always called him a cheeky monkey. My husband outlined the monkey for me in black gel ink, and I did the filling in on everything.
Cake decorated by Sarah from Rockland County, NY

Monkeying Around Cake

monkeying around cakeMy grandsons first birthday cake. All figurines are made of chocolate fondant. Bananas and leaves are fondant. Trunks of trees are pretzel rods. Water is colored piping gel. Stones, beach balls, hats and fishing rod is made of fondant. All grassy fringe is a buttercream icing. Top cake is yellow bottom is confettie. He loved it.
Cake decorated by Mary Neiderlander from Middletown, MD

3D Monkey Cake

3d monkey cakeThis was my attempt at making a 3D monkey cake for my great-grandaughter's baby shower. I had never attempted to make any decorated cake before. So, I decided to break the structure down into small elements. The torso of the monkey was baked in a loaf pan. The head was baked in a ss bowl that was about the right size for the head. Trimmings from the torso were used to form the arms and legs that are under the blanket. Blocks were cut from a cake baked in an 8X8" pan. The banana was shaped from modeling chocolate and colored with gel food coloring. The face, ears, hands, and feet were sculpted with flesh colored fondant and shaded with cocoa powder and pink flower dust. The cake was a double chocolate. The fur was a dark chocolate buttercream and piped with a grass tip to represent the fur. He is lying on a bed made of two 9X12" layers. One was a yellow cake and the other was strawberry. We had a very large turn out for the shower and still had cake left-over.

I hope you enjoyed my pics.

close-up of monkey cake faceCake decorated by Shirley from Indiana

If you've decorated any monkey cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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