Noahs Ark Cakes

noahs ark cakes

Noah's Ark cakes are still fun for kids birthdays after all these years because they feature animals. You can't go wrong using the theme for a baby or a young boy or girl.

Noah's Ark Cake and Cupcakes

noah's ark cake and cupcakesI made this Noah's Ark cake using several stacked tiers: first, a 10" round single-layer for the bottom. Then, the Ark is made out of 2 small oval layers (5x7"), and a little loaf cake.

The Ark roof is two graham crackers leaning together, and iced in chocolate buttercream. The Ark house and base is also iced in chocolate buttercream, and textured with a decorating comb.

The 10" layer is iced in light blue buttercream, and textured with a spatula or spoon to look like waves. I piped a C scroll border in darker blue striped with white, around the base of the 10" tier- to look like waves.

The animals are the fun of this cake and cupcakes! They are made with multi colored icings and mostly round (large and small) tips. I used a large round tip to pipe the base or head shape, and then use the little round tip to make facial features, like nose/nostrils, mouth, ears, and smile. Using a #3 tip I made the snakes, mice, and birds. I used a star tip and small round to make the lambs. The elephants ears are with a petal tip, #104. The male lion and giraffe has a tip 2 pull out mane.

It was a hit at the party! :-)

Submitted by Julie M from Rochester, NY

Noah's Ark 1st Birthday Cake

noahs ark 1st birthday cakeAbout 2 months before making this cake I made the animals, trees and Noah from royal icing piped onto waxed parchment paper with outlines traced on it. Once they were fully dried out I used edible dusts and dipping solution to paint on the detail. I baked a plain victoria sponge in a 13x9" pan, allowed it to cool completely before cutting it in half and spreading jam on one half and vanilla buttercream on the other then sandwiching them together and refrigerating it further to make sure it was firm enough before cutting to to shape it like a number 1,then spreading a little buttercream over the whole cake to help the fondant to stick.

I used roll out fondant coloured blue for the sea and covered the cake. With a little green to look like grass I covered the top half of the one and the board. With floral wire cut into smaller pieces and taped together to make a jagged tool to rough the fondant to make it look like patches of grass.

Using royal icing I then stuck the animals etc to the cake. Behind the ark I used 2 cocktail stick to help it stand up until the icing dried.

Submitted by Stefanie from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Noah's Ark Baby Shower Cake

noahs ark baby shower cakeThe Noah's ark baby shower cake was created by frosting a large square tier with buttercream frosting. Using the tip of spatula, I made waves of blue frosting over white, blending them so there was still white towards the top to represent the peaks of the waves. (Another way to do this would be to load both white and blue frosting into the same piping bag and piping the icing on to the sides of the cake using a swirling motion).

The sides of the square cake has blue gummy fish randomly placed all around the cake, but you can pipe them in buttercream icing, if you prefer.

On top of the second tier is a cake baked in a loaf pan. This was frosted with white buttercream frosting. On top of the loaf pan cake sits a child's toy Noah's ark figure.

I laminated the invitation card and used it on upper deck of side of loaf pan cake. (Another option for the invitation would have been to scan it and print it out in edible ink on an icing sheet. Then the image could be cut out with scissors and placed on the end of the loaf pan cake while the buttercream frosting was still soft).

I knew the gender, so I added a baby boy figure on each side and piped blue buttercream icing around them to make it look like they were swimming in the water.

Submitted by June Gentry from Texarkana, TX

If you've made any Noah's Ark cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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