Nurses Graduation Cakes

collection of nurses graduation cakes

Nurses graduation cakes tend to feature all types of medical equipment. Here are a few different ideas you can try.

Nurse's Graduation Cake

nurses graduation cakeRed velvet cake, cut and pieced together with buttercream icing and covered in white and black fondant. For the lettering I used black gel and a chop stick to "write" with.
Cake decorated by Michelle Bryant from Las Vegas, Nevada

Nursing Graduation Cake

nursing graduation cakeThis nurse graduation cake is just an 11X15" cake decorated in buttercream frosting. The props (Nurse, Patient, stethascope, thermometer and band-aids) are made out of marshmallow fondant.
Cake decorated by Mercy Nursie from Iowa

Nurse Graduation Cupcakes

nurse graduation cupcakesCake mix of your choice. Simply decorated with buttercream frosting. Initially, the cupcakes were frosted in peach colored buttercream, tinted with Wilton's copper gel food coloring. Then the hair was piped in a dark yellow. I used a round tip with white icing to create the eyes. The cheeks and nose were piped with a small round tip with peach icing. The red mouth was also piped with a round tip but blended with a paintbrush to flatten out the piping. The hat was done with a rose tip. Finally, the features in black were added with a small round tip.
Cupcakes decorated by Mercy Nursie from Iowa

If you've decorated any nurses graduation cakes, please add them to our gallery.

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