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Penguin cakes are adorable for winter birthday celebrations. Here is a 3D carved penguin cake and an igloo cake with gum paste penguins.

Carved Penguin Cake

carved penguin cakeI made this cake for a boy who loves penguins. It was my first sculpted cake.

I started with a few round layers stacked together, and carved away slowly with a serrated knife to find the right penguin shape. I also used little egg shaped cakes for the beak and feet. The penguin is covered in black and white fondant, and the wings are black fondant. He is sitting on top of a 10" round single layer cake, decorated with the birthday inscription and multi colored confetti and polka dots. It is finished with a bottom dot border.

The birthday boy loved it!

Decorated by Julie M from Rochester, NY

Igloo and Penguin Cake

igloo and penguin cakeThe igloo was constructed from a 2 layer 8" cake. The top layer was not leveled - leaving the crown in tact to serve as the rounded top of the igloo. The entrance of the igloo was created with a cupcake turned on its side so the bottom of the cupcake became the igloo entrance. The cake was covered in buttercream and then covered in white fondant. Then the lines were added to the igloo to make it look like it was created with blocks of ice. The penguins are made from gum paste and set in front of the igloo. The cake was finished off with a "Merry Christmas!" message written in red buttercream icing. Then holly berries and leaves were piped on the top of the igloo entrance. The leaves are just done with leaf tip #67 and the berries use a round tip, #6.
Decorated by Lisa Crowder from Concord, NC

If you've decorated any penguin cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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