Penguin Cupcakes

penguin cupcakes

Penguin cupcakes are great for kids' birthday parties. Here are a few different ideas for making yours.

Penguin Family and Igloo Cupcakes

penguin family and igloo cupcakesI made these little igloos out of small cakes, and used a toothpick to create the snow-block effect. The entrance is a marshmallow! The penguins are just buttercream piped (you can put a toothpick down the middle if they are tippy.)

They turned out pretty cute!

Submitted by Julie M from Rochester, NY

Penguin Cupcake

penguin cupcakeThese cute little creatures were just buttercream piped on a cupcake! I used black, orange and white. I made swirls of icing to cover the cupcake, and then after piping the penguins I sprinkled some rainbow jimmies for some color.
Submitted by Julie M from Rochester, NY

To pipe the penguins, you'll want to use a large round piping tip and start from the bottom up, increasing the pressure until you achieve the width of the body you want. You'll want to have black, white, and orange buttercream on hand in different piping bags. You can either purchase black icing, as it is quite difficult to achieve a true black color when making it yourself, or start with chocolate icing as your base so you don't have as far to go to get a black color.

Once you have the black body piped, pipe the head a little wider than you left off at the neck area. Next, pipe the white belly and two round dots for the eyes. Switch back to black icing and pipe the wings. Now change to a round tip #3 to pipe the black dots in the eyes and the bow tie.

Lastly, use the orange buttercream to pipe the beak and feet, bringing both to a point by decreasing the pressure as you finish them off.

You can make a bunch of penguins in advance on a tray and freeze them in order to make them easier to transfer to your penguin cupcakes.


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