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Rose cakes work for so many different occasions - birthdays, Mother's Day, appreciation and more. Here are several different designs adorned with this popular and very beautiful flower.

Fall in Love with Roses Cake

fall in love with roses cakeDevils food cake with 8 oz. creme cheese bottom layer and top. Center is brownie mix with walnuts. Substituted oil with Hershey's chocolate syrup and used one egg only!
Homemade buttercream frosting and handmade rose fondant decorations with homemade fondant leaves.

Made the cutter for the roses and leaves out of tin strips and a pair of pliers.

Cake decorated by Margret Todd from Chicago City, MN

Blue and White Fondant Rose Birthday Cake

Cake decorated by Lina Custodio from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Appreciation Cake

appreciation cakeI made 2 10 inch heart cakes, chocolate, covered in choc buttercream icing, applied fondant and let set. Then I arranged flowers. I selected roses, as this was an appreciation cake for the home health aides where I work, to let them know how much they are loved.
Cake decorated by Kris from Miami, FL

Green Flower Cake

green flower cakeThis is a simple 2 layer cake I made which I dyed the rolled fondant green before laying on top of the cake. Then I used roses I had previously made with royal icing. Then I used regular buttercream icing to do the cornelli lace. I used rolled fondant and a flower cutter for the flowers on the side.
Cake decorated by Sweeney from Nova Scotia

Quincera Cake

quincera cakeThis particular cake took quite a while. Every rose is hand made. This cake fed 363 people. This is the biggest cake I've ever made. Lot's of fun!!!!
Cake decorated by Charlotte Still from Perryton, TX

Floral Rose Cake

Floral Rose CakeThis two tiered floral cake was done for a big birthday celebration. I used spring colors to make buttercream roses, and used some royal icing apple blossoms and daises as well. There is a lattice work border at the base of each tier, and sweet pea flower borders at the top of the bottom tier. The inscriptions were done on the sides of the cake.

Tip: If you're making a lot of roses, you can do them in advance and freeze them. I make each one on a square of parchment paper and then place them on a tray to freeze. When you are ready to use them, simply peel back the piece of parchment paper and place the rose where you want. When frozen, you can touch the petals and you won't mess the rose up.

Cake decorated by Julie M from Rochester, NY

Guns and Roses Cake

guns and roses cakeFirst I baked a 7 inch round, 5 inch square and a 4 inch round cake to make up the 3 layers. All 3 were a different flavor. I allowed them to cool thoroughly before slicing layers then putting buttercream and raspberry jam between each layer. once they were assembled I put them in the fridge to further firming up before icing them.

I had coloured each cake accordingly, then covered. I used cake dowels to hold up each tier.

The decorations were made a couple of weeks in advance to allow the royal icing and flower paste to dry thoroughly.

On the middle tier, I piped 5 straight lines with coloured royal icing before putting on the music notes.

Cake decorated by Stefanie Kappert from Northern Ireland

Drawn Rose Cake

drawn rose cakeThis is a type of rose I have been drawing since I was pretty young. I like to shade with a pencil when I draw it ... so when I did it on a cake I used different shades of each color and used a skewer to swirl them together for a different kind of effect.
Cake decorated by Erin McLees from Wisconsin

If you've decorated any rose cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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