Sea Life Cakes

sea life cakes - dolphin, fish, starfish, seahorse

These sea life cakes feature a variety of fish and marine life.

Pink Dolphin Cake

girl's pink dolphin cakeThis cake is a hand sculpted 4 layer cake, crumb coated in pink buttercream icing. It is then covered in pink marshmallow fondant. All decorations with the exception of the tail (gum paste) are also marshmallow fondant. I then accented the roses, bow and eye lids with edible pearl dust powder. The shells are candy discs melted in pink & white to create a marble effect and the pearl on top is a small ball of MMF with pearl dust.

The Pink Dolphin Cake was for a 4 year old girl's birthday.

cake layers for dolphin cake
carving the dolphin cake
creating dolphin's fin
covering dolphin cake in pink fondant
rear view of pink dolphin cake Cake decorated by Justine from Long Island, NY

Seahorse Cake

seahorse cakeThis sea horse cake is a sheet cake covered in white buttercream icing. The top and bottom borders are piped shell borders. All of the sea life including the sea horse were piped in buttercream.
Cake decorated by Erin McClees

Nemo Cake

Nemo birthday cakeI used a 14 inch x 10 inch cake tin.
5 buttercake mixes
1k butter icing

Put the cake on long sides together and with a template carved out nemo using a template. Get a picture of nemo - scale to the size cake you want. I iced it with buttercream icing. Put eyes on with smarties.

Cake decorated by Maxine Blackwell from Claremont, Tasmania, Australia

Starfish Cake

starfish cakeI baked a 9x9 inch cake, cut out pieces for the shape stuck them to the center with jam. Left a middle parallelogram as the middle. Stuck the cake in the freezer, frosted it with a smooth orange/brown the placed the white dots over top. Used some small marshmallows and brown sugar for sand.
Decorated by Zina Sloan from California

Shark Cake

shark cake2 layers of brownie separated by a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough. Frosted with blue buttercream and white piping. Decorated with molded chocolate sea shells, white piping and drawings of whale sharks and other sea creatures done in melted chocolate. The design on top is drawn in merckens chocolate (used in molds).
Cake decorated by Lauren Stockly from Montrose, CA

Braeden's First Fishy Cake

braedens first fishy cakeThis was the first time I tried a major fondant cake. Everything you see is edible. I learned NOT to put gel icing on the fondant fishy on top, as you can see he started to melt in the park. I started with the largest Wilton oval pan, making two layers for the bottom. That cake was almond butter cream, for the adults. The second set of two layers were orange hazelnut. The third oval was only one layer of cherry vanilla cake, but a bit thicker. Then, the fish was the smallest Wilton oval (banana flavor) and the dorsal and back fin are simply chunks of fondant stuck into the cake with dowels.

I used the NordicWare seashell mini-cake/candy mold pan to make another set of shells that I stuck to the cake with frosting and dowels. I also used candy melts to make the fish on the second tier. Those stuck to the fondant simply by painting water on the back of them.

The bubbles from the fish are edible pearls and the anchor is fondant that I cut out from a wood piece for $0.25 at Michaels.

The rocks on the bottom are large jelly beans that I purchased at a cake store. The "seaweed" is blue/purple fruit-by-the-foot, stuck onto the fondant with water. The "sand" is sanding sugar in bronze.

I had to stick a bunch of dowels in the fish cake so it would stand up and make the trip to the park. Eventually, his back fin got too hot and started to fall - but just in time for my nephew to enjoy it for his first birthday!

My sister wanted an ocean cake, so that's what she got for her beautiful boy!

Cake decorating idea by Kimberly Dyess from Carlsbad, CA

If you've decorated any sea life cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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