Tennis Cakes

2 great tennis cakes

Here are a few creative tennis cakes for you to try: one featuring a racquet and the other, very realistic looking tennis sneakers.

Tennis Racquet and Ball Cake

tennis racquet and ball cake

The Racquet: I made this cake with a 9x13 homemade chocolate cake and two extra small loaf pan sized cakes. I used a real tennis racquet as a model and the web site to get accurate photos of a specific tennis racquet. I cut the 9x13 cake to the same size as the round part of the racquet, then shaped the handle out of the two loaf pan cakes. The cakes in the loaf pans formed quite a rounded top while cooking, so I cut those off to make the cake flat, but they also provided the V shape where the handle connects onto the round part of the racquet. I attached them using frosting and put the bottom facing the outside, so the natural curve helped the two pieces to fit right in. Oh yes, freezing the pieces is a definite must, so they don't fall apart when handling them during frosting and attaching them. You then cover it with a butter cream frosting. After this is done, I put the orange fondant on. Then did all the white, then all the black. On the handle I used the back side edge of a butter knife to make the tape lines on the handle. For the lettering "HEAD" I hand cut out the letters from the black fondant, and pasted them on with water. For the other lettering I used the Wilton Food writer markers and for the "Happy Birthday" message, I used black royal icing. The strings on the racquet were done with royal icing. To do this, I first put all the white dots around the edge to 'attach' the strings to the racquet. This helps you mark where they should go. Then I cut out a sketch I drew on paper of the Head logo, and placed it on the cake. On top of the white fondant. I then started putting on the black strings, with decorator icing. I went right over the piece of logo paper. Then when I was finished, I lifted the paper VERY carefully, and used white decorator icing to finish off the strings where the paper had been. This made a perfect logo, just as it appeared on the actual racquet. To do the little string tightener (the little black logo on the bottom), I used decorator icing, and waited until the black was dry before putting the white part on. The Ball: I used a 3" chocolate cake. I froze it first, before carving it. It was quite easy to carve. I then covered it with butter cream. I used a light yellow/green fondant to cover it. I cut out the 2 'figure 8' shaped pieces by estimating the size. They were over sized, the first time, so just trimmed them down a bit, until they were right. I the put them on the ball, and put in the white lines between the two pieces using butter cream. It was a perfect ball, you could actually roll it! And that is a tennis racquet and ball cake!

Cake decorated by Gail from Nova Scotia


Tennis Balls and Shoes Cake

tennis balls and shoes cakeI have a new respect for tennis shoe designers! So many details but everything on my cake is edible. I used a vanilla flavored Durable Cake recipe to bake the shoes. I sculpted them by hand and added Rice Krispie Treats to shape details on the top of the shoes. Cupcake tennis balls were made from yellow cake baked in a round ball pan. Shoes and tennis balls were then covered in melted chocolate to smooth the finish and then finally covered in fondant.

I hand cut all shoe details and logos (on the sides and toes), added a mesh imprint from a cross stitch mat, created seaming with a tracing wheel, used an extruder to produce the strings, painted and dusted with luster dust, and lost much sleep. The tennis racquet was made from fondant and pressed into a racquet candy mold, dried, and also painted by hand.

This was for a tennis tournament that benefited Scottish Rite Hospital and was worth every moment!

Cake decorated by Teresa Scott from Lewisville, Texas

If you've made any tennis cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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