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tip and grip turntable

This past August, at the International Cake Exploration Societe' Convention, Chef Dawn Parrott debuted her new Tip and Grip Turntable, an unique design constructed to hold cakes at a sharp angles. Nothing like it existed in the United States and, being a piper, Dawn saw the need for a high quality turntable that was not only sturdy for decorating cakes at a level position, but that could facilitate decorators in creating extension work for show cakes.

For the past two years, Dawn Parrott and her husband, Dwayne have been working hard constructing a sturdy, tiltable turntable in order to resolve a number of issues cake decorators face. The Tip and Grip Turntable was designed to make decorating cakes easier and enable cake dummies to be decorated on a sharp angle for painting, drop strings, oriental stringwork and other piping feats.

Dwayne Parrott is an engineer so Dawn enlisted him to realize her vision. Here's his insight on the development of the table:

tip and grip turntableMy wife is an extremely hardworking Pastry Chef, Master Sugar Artist and Instructor.  Her name is Dawn Parrott.  She is an accomplished award winning Cake Artist who recently won the largest prize in North America at 2014 OSSAS, the Grand Wedding Cake Competition. Chef Dawn is currently living in Houston Texas with her loving husband and two beautiful daughters Carrington and Ashlynn.

Dawn was born in St. Johns Newfoundland Canada in 1972 lived there all her childhood and has always been proud to be a Canadian and more proud to be a Newfoundlander.

In 1997, we moved to the USA and around the country for my work in the Oil and Gas industry.  Since then we have moved at least 8 times. For many years, Chef Dawn has always made volunteering high on her priority list, many people don’t know this about my wife, she rarely talks about this as she truly enjoyed doing this work and she never wanted to receive anything in return. She has always volunteered in the community where we lived from Canada to USA. Dawn’s volunteer work is immense from working in an elementary school to high schools, hospital, Girl Guides, Cake Shows, Make A Wish foundation and local bakeries all over a nearly 20 year span.

Dawn’s deep passion for Cake and Sugar Art started as a kid as she watched her dad and step mom do cakes.  However, it grew even bigger when she met her longtime friend Ms. Mel. Dawn’s longtime friend and mentor in the cake industry is a sweet lady from Dallas TX named Melissa Carlisle (we call her Mel for short). While working at a local bakery, Dawn quickly became very good friends with Mel and she shared her endless talents and friendship with Dawn both at the bakery and at their many coffee sessions. It was with Mel that Dawn learned how to do production cakes in a custom bakery environment; she also learned that teaching was her passion too. To this day, Dawn cherishes all her cake friends and continues to make many more friendships as she travels from cake show to cake show and to Cake shops throughout the country to teach cake and sugar art as she knows it!  Her passion is to share what she has learned and hopes to inspire others along the way.  She always says, if I can inspire one more person to pick up a piping bag, then everything is worth it!!

My wife’s cake turntable ideas started out as a honey do project for me this past March. After four months of many long nights, I completely designed the entire cake turntable on 3D CAD software and made a multiple number of working prototypes with the side by side help of my beautiful wife. The design challenges were many - too long of a list, frankly - but the design and prototypes kept progressing forward and in July we had our final design and working model. My experience and background as a mechanical designer of products on 3D software has allowed for this project to be built economically with very high reliability, tolerances and precision. To summarize, this project was as much fun as it was a challenge. To build something that is unique in the market and beneficial for my wife and for many other sugar artists in the industry is very rewarding. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome and great response from the public!

We currently sell cake turntables throughout the USA, Canada and Australia. The turntables come in two types of woods; Hard Maple and Purple Heart; an exotic wood. If interested in learning more about these turntables or purchasing one go to www.tipandgrip.com or www.dawnparrott.com.

Visit Chef Dawn’s web site www.dawnparrott.com for news on upcoming classes and locations, she will be teaching the rest of 2014 and 2015.

Here you can see Dawn demonstrate how to use the Tip and Grip Turntable:


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