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Tulip cakes are the ideal floral cake choice for spring birthdays. Here area a few different ways you can make them - formed from gum paste and cut from fondant.

Mom's Tulip Cake

mom's tulip cakeMom's tulip cake is a 2 tier round cake, one and 8" and the other a 10"

Both tiers were frosted in white buttercream icing. Then green buttercream lines were drawn down the sides of the cake with a small round piping tip.

The leaves were piped with a #67 tip around the top of both tiers. Then the gum paste tulips were added.

To make these little gum paste tulips, color some gum paste yellow, some pink, and some blue.

Roll out the gum paste and use an oval cutter to cut out the petals. Layer the petals inside a flower former, attaching them together with a bit of gum glue. Once there is one layer of petals, add a second layer so the second petal lays in between the first layer of petals.

Take little bits of tissue paper and place them under the 2nd layer of petals to give some space between the first and second layer of petals.

Roll a small piece of black gum paste into a little sausage. Pinch the tip with tweezers so you create an ex at the top.

Pipe a dot of royal icing in the center of the tulip and place the black piece in the center. Add a few yellow stamens around this piece.

Allow the tulip to dry and remove the tissue paper. Make enough tulips to cover the bottom and top tier.

Pipe a dot of buttercream icing where you want to place the gum paste tulip and continue until the cake is covered.

Decorated by April from Gibsonville, NC

Spring Cake

spring cakeI covered a 9 inch chocolate cake with fondant, cut out fondant tulips, attached and added ribbon to conceal flaws. Each tulip has added detail using an edible black marker. Butterfly on side of cake from fondant also.
Decorated by Kris from Miami

Butterfly and Flower Cake

butterfly and flower cakeThis butterfly and flower cake is a 2-layer 8" x 2" chocolate cake. With chocolate fudge icing. I covered it in sky blue colored fondant. I free-handed the butterflies, flower stems, and clouds with fondant and a paring knife. For the tulips and daisies, I used cookie cutters made by Wilton. The grass is regular store bought icing tinted green and piped all around the bottom.
Decorated by Nora Ann Johnson from Hickory, NC

Mailbox Cake and Flower Cake

mailbox cake and flower cakeThe mailbox cake was for a new home celebration. The flower pot cake was for my daughter in-law's birthday.

I made 3 9-12" marble cakes. Cut to the shape of a mail box. Buttercream icing Then covered in gray fondant. I made gum paste flowers & fondant leaves. the pieces of mail are made of gum paste. I painted the stamps on with food coloring.

The Flower Pot cake is 3 6" Chocolate cakes covered in buttercream then covered in fondant. The top of the pot has ground up oreo cookies for dirt. The tulips are made of gum paste. the birthday tag is also gum paste.

Decorated by Pat Cennami from Peabody, MA

If you've decorated any tulip cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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