Water Park Cakes

water park cakes

Water Park cakes represent fun times in the summer, lugging the family in the car to stand on line for hours for a refreshing ride. Just make some fondant or gum paste people, tires and water and you can easily create any configuration your favorite water park has.

Lazy River Cake

To make this lazy river cake, I used chocolate cake covered in light green buttercream. Outside of the water area, toasted coconut was sprinkled to represent dirt. I made the kids, tubes, raft, ball and duck out of fondant. The outside and inside border of the lazy river is piped in green buttercream using a large round tip. The rest is piped.
Submitted by Chris Hoxie from Huntley, IL

Water Park Cakes

water park cakesI did this fun cake for my friend's birthday. I used three 6" round layers I had, to make 3 different pools sitting on separator plates. I used my tall and medium pillars to give a multi level effect. Then I used a little piece of foamcore to make little slides from one pool to the next. The bottom border is piped in blue buttercream using a large round tip. The sign is simply made out of two popsicle sticks with a cardboard piece cut out and written on in magic marker.  I used clear piping gel tinted blue to look like water. Lastly I figure piped swimming people in tubes all throughout the park! I made some with scared faces, surprised, and happy!
Decorated by Julie M from Rochester, NY

If you do a larger version of a water park cake, you can even use chocolate glazed donuts as the tires. Have a fun, summer themed cake you'd like to share? Please add it to our gallery.

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