Drip Cake

I have seen the trend of drip cakes rising here recently and wanted to put my touch on the drip cake... here's what I did.. I frosted the cake in a royal icing buttercream that I learned how to make from Avalon Cake School.. Its just amazing!! I did a watercolor buttercream with an upside down Drip as well a top drip in milk chocolate.. I added edible Gold Leaf to several Chocolate Pieces and made Meringue cookies to decorate the cake with and dusted with edible gold luster dust.. I made chocolate shards and a handmade sugar piece to ornate the top with and just added lots of my favorite candies!!! its a double barrel cake and the hemming tool was a dream to frost a double barrel cake with!! ENJOY!!

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Sandra Smiley's picture

Gorgeous and looks so delicious!