Brrr.... It's Cold Outside!

Brrr.... It's Cold Outside means that it's warm inside!
You are looking at the results of being blessed in having a warm, understanding and loving home to be creative in along with 42 penguins. Just about everything was made by hand sculpting or using molds. Royal icing, piping gel, fondant, gum paste, edible glitter, edible images, dusts, food markers, colorings and isomalt were all used.

1 wearing sunglasses and eating an ice cream cone, 2 ice skating, 1 delivering pizza, 1 sunbathing, 1 playing with a yo-yo, 1 spray painting graffiti, 1 impersonating Santa, 2 wearing nothing but their penguin birthday suits, 1 knitting a scarf, 3 rug rats, 4 carolers, 3 making up a nativity scene, 1 sliding on the ice, 1 wearing headphones, 1 with a propeller beanie hat, 1 snowboarding Jesus Freak with a dreadlock stocking hat, 1 holding a sign saying its Cold Outside, 1 with a orange and yellow striped stocking hat, 1 with a blue scarf over his nose, 1 with a green polk-a-dot outfit, 1 standing with 3 friends, 2 penguins in love, 1 wearing a bow tie, 1 wearing a tie with his hat on backwards, 2 making snowballs, 1 penguin angel, 1 penguin that has it’s arms and feet crossed – no one else does, 2 skiers, and 2 sledders.

But no partridge in a pear tree, perhaps next year!

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Terri's picture

Boy, that's a labor of love! Great job!

SnugglesC's picture

It's the first time I've attempted figure modeling, thanks for the nice comment.
Have yourself a wonderfully sweet day!