red velvet layer cake recipe Red Velvet Layer Cake Recipe
This red velvet layer cake recipe is another take on the classic red velvet cake although you’ll probably be pleased to hear that unlike the original which contains beetroot. Instead, gel food coloring is used to produce the distinctive blood-red hue and buttermilk is added to recreate the slight tang that is so often associated with red velvet cake. The layers of red-velvet sponge are covered with delicious vanilla cream cheese frosting which is thankfully, fairly stable and does well in warmer temperatures. 
mini lemon drizzle cake recipe Mini Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe
This lucious mini lemon drizzle cake recipe fills two 4 inch baking tins (feel free to double the ingredients for an equally perfect 6-8 inch two layer cake). It's the perfect size for a small gathering, but so delicious you may just want to make more to eat later.
raspberry champagne cake recipe Raspberry and Champagne Cake
This raspberry and champagne cake recipe is delightfully simple to follow and it can be made rather speedily in a couple of hours without any issues. However, don’t let this fool you as end result is simply spectacular; the champagne sponge provides a moist, slightly boozy base for the decadent pink raspberry buttercream. This gorgeous cake (both in looks and in taste) would be perfect served on its own with a few raspberries or even as a base for further decoration.
fluffy vanilla layer cake Light and Fluffy Vanilla Layer Cake
This wonderful vanilla cake is a perfect recipe book staple as it turns out light, fluffy and wonderfully moist every time. This particular vanilla cake contains a rather large amount of eggs (six in total) but don’t be too worried as they only serve to make the finished cake full of flavor. If you’re not too keen on nutmeg, although the flavor within the cake itself is very subtle, you can replace it with a pinch of salt for a pure, simple vanilla sponge. 
gingerbread cookie recipe Gingerbread Cookie Recipe
This gingerbread cookie recipe is a family favorite during the Christmas holiday season. Use this recipe to make the mini gingerbread houses; steps are included to make the parts of the gingerbread house.
pumpkin cream filling Pumpkin Cream Filling
This pumpkin cream filling recipe was just made off the top of my head. I spotted Mother's Pumpkin Spice Liquor in the store for the season and thought "I've got to make something with that!" When people don't like pumpkin pie, part of the reason is usually its pasty, heavy texture. This filling offers a light, airy alternative that can be used to fill any type of cake to bring the traditional seasonal, pumpkin flavor to the dessert table.
modeling chocolate recipe used to make flowers Modeling Chocolate Recipe
This is Mari Senaga's modeling chocolate recipe. It is used to create edible figures and flowers, similar to gum paste.
Boiled Icing Recipe 3
Compared to the other 2 boiled icing recipes on this site, this one uses the most corn syrup.
Boiled Icing Recipe 2
This boiled icing recipe uses a small amount of corn syrup which speeds up the process a bit of creating a sugar syrup.
tiramisu' cake Tiramisu Cake
This is the best tiramisu' you will ever taste! Years ago, I tasted tiramisu' made this way in Venice. I played around with several recipes until I came up with this one. It's better than anything you will taste in a restaurant and people constantly ask me for the recipe. This cake is not made with lady fingers, rather it uses a light Italian cake called Pan di Spagna.