Veena Azmanov

Interview with Veena Azmanov

Veena Azmanov shares her creative cake decorating ideas with hundreds of thousands of cake artists every day through Facebook, YouTube and her website Veena’s Art of Cake. Her cakes feature inspiring stunning floral sprays and eye-catching details.

Kerry Vincent

Interview with Kerry Vincent

Kerry Vincent has traversed both hemispheres promoting first fashion then cake artistry in the public eye. In Australia, she graced the pages of magazines as a fashion model before transitioning to the limelight of the cake decorating industry.

Elisa Strauss

Interview with Master Cake Artist, Elisa Strauss

When you meet renowned cake artist Elisa Strauss for the first time, you may be surprised to discover she is a petite woman with a cute little, tiny voice. But, make no mistake; Elisa is a powerhouse when it comes to teaching and speaking to a crowd.

Marilyn Bawol

Interview with Marilyn Bawol

When Marilyn Bawol and I first met four years ago in a cake decorating class, her jokes had us all in tears, making it difficult to keep up with the pace of the class.

Don Donneruno, cake artist

Don Donneruno

After laughing until I was crying for the fifth time or so, I was convinced I needed to interview cake artist Don Donneruno. Don’s Facebook posts often have me in stitches and it takes quite a lot to make me laugh.

Mari Senaga

Interview with Mari Senaga

I was first awed by Mari Senaga’s beautiful flowers when she began posting them on Cakes We Bake a few years ago. Then, at the ICES Convention in 2011, I finally had the opportunity to put a face to the artist of the gorgeous, edible floral arrangements when we met in person.

Sarah Myers

Interview with Sarah Myers

Sarah Myers broke into the cake decorating scene just a few years ago, but it didn’t take long for her name to start showing up everywhere.

Interview with Sidney Galpern

The first time I witnessed the young Sidney Galpern’s talent, she won a contest on my other website, Cakes We Bake.  I had no idea she was only 13 at the time; her age certainly wasn’t apparent from the skill level demonstrated in her chocolate sculpture.

Kathleen Lange

Kathleen Lange

When you browse the line-up of cakes at a cake competition, the exquisitely piped cake that drops your jaw often belongs to Kathleen Lange. The attention to detail, layers of intricate design and heart motifs are captivating features of her signature style.

Vanessa Greeley

Vanessa Greeley

The very talented Chef Vanessa Greeley has overcome many obstacles on the road to becoming the master cake, sugar, chocolate and pastry artist she is today. Originally from Lima, Peru, Vanessa came to the states to pursue computer studies at Columbia University and NYU.