Daisy and Butterfly Baby Cake

daisy and butterfly baby cake

gum paste daisies and beesThe daisy and butterfly baby cake is my own design. I used several ideas from other cakes. I mixed my plain fondant with rolled butter cream to get a glossy effect. Also I use a rough Table Mate to get the Quilted effect.

The bottom tier is pale pink, the middle tier a pale green and the top tier a pale yellow.

All my flowers were made 1 week in advance to dry in order to place onto the cake and sprays.

Daisies are very brittle and you have to make enough extra for breakage. My crib, butterflies and bumble bee were all done in a peppermint gum paste mix, I use royal icing to join the parts of the crib together.

The baby bib I made was made the same day and set to dry on the bottom of a 14" cake pan, then placed on the base of my cake. The edges of the bib were crimped with a crimper. The letters were piped in buttercream on top of different colored circles of fondant to spell baby. Around the outside edge of these circles is a string of white fondant.

The sides of the lower tier are decorated with fondant teddy bear cut outs and daisies were placed in between them. On top of the bottom tier was piped green grass using the grass tip.

close up of daisy and butterfly baby cakeThe middle tier has piped green stems and leaves that lead to gum paste daisy flowers.

In the center of the top tier is a frilled purple circle that was cut with the frill cutter. In the center is a pink fondant circle with a gum paste daisy and bee sitting on top.

A spray of gum paste daisies trails down from the top of the cake to the side of the middle tier.

I used an iridescent powder to dust areas of the cake to give it some sparkle.

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