Deputy First Year Cake

Deputy First Year Cake

I made this cake for my littlest nephew, Sawyer, for his first birthday bang that was thrown inside of my parents barn. The bottom tier is made up of two 12 inch cakes (sprinkles baked in white cake that have been torted and filled with a white ganache whip cream that have been moistened with an almond simple syrup. The icing is a almond buttercream with black marzipan for the cow spots.

The second tier (little cowboy shirt)is made up of two 8 inch dark chocolate cake, torted, a hazelnut simple syrup, the filling is made of Nutella, with a cocoa buttercream frosting underneath the light blue frosting. I have found that many people LOVE the hazelnut/nutella with the chocolate. They compliment each other very nicely. The buttons were made from marzipan. The star however was colored with wilton gel paste and made out of fondant.

Our little cowboy hat was made from a hand-me-down stainless steel hamilton beach bowl that I filled with left over white speckled cake mix and a 6 inch cake round that baked really quite nicely in the oven. I cut a 'V' shape in the top of the dome and used chocolate buttercream for the frosting. The rim of the hat was really difficult to make, so my Husband pitched in and made it out of a 9" cake board that he bent the sides and we frosted it to match the dome. We then placed a satin brown ribbon around the base and attached a fondant star to the center and dusted it with a golden pearl edible dust.

After icing all cakes with the final layer after the crumb coat, I placed them in the refrigerator over-night and then used a 'Viva' towel to smooth them out and round the sides.
All around, the cake was approximately a 3 day process.
I began making the fondant red/yellow/blue stars on a Monday, colored, rolled and cookie cutted them out...and let them dry til Wednesday. Wednesday morning, I placed egg white upon them and then sprinkled them all with sugar sprinkles, Shish kabobbed them and placed a Red stringing wire that I had twirled around a wooden spoon up the center of the star.
I haven't taken a course in cake baking or decorating but would LOVE to do so! I enjoyed creating this for my nephew and would love to do more.

Deputy First Year Cake decorated by Melissa Norris from Medford, OR


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