How to Make a Halloween Pumpkin Cake Topper

fondant halloween pumpkin

This little Halloween pumpkin cake topper is fairly easy to make and it looks great on top of cupcakes. It can take some practice to create the lines but it’s a very fun, simple and enjoyable technique once you get the hang of it.

Ingredients to make Cupcake Sized Pumpkins

  • Pieces of Orange Fondant (For the Pumpkin)
  • Very small Pieces of Black Fondant – About the size of a pea (For Pumpkin Stem)
  • 2 Tablespoons Powdered Sugar/Cornstarch (for Dusting)


  • Cocktail Stick/Line Scoring Modeling Tool
  • Double ended cone Modeling Tool
  • Edible glue (Water will suffice if you don’t have edible glue at hand)
  • Paintbrush

1. Begin by rolling a small 1/3 oz piece of orange fondant into a ball. Dust your work surface with powdered sugar/corn-starch to prevent the fondant from sticking.

2. Next, use the tip of your finger to press a small circle into the ball of fondant. Gently press and shape the ball until it forms a pumpkin shape with a flat bottom.

3. Take a pointed modeling tool or cocktail stick and indent a small hole into the very center of the fondant pumpkin shape. Then begin to indent lines across the pumpkin, starting from the center and then working your way down. To make the pumpkin as realistic as possible, try not to score the lines. Instead just press gently in order to make small indents.

shaping fondant pumpkin

4. Take a very small piece of black fondant and place on your work surface. Then use your fingers to create a small sausage shape. This will form the stem of your pumpkin so make sure that it’s not too small or too big otherwise it might look out of proportion. Finally, pinch one end of the so that it’s smaller than the other.

fondant pumpkin stem

5. Attach the small piece of fondant to the pumpkin by gluing it to the center with a dab of edible glue. Finally, use your modeling tool to score more lines running from the center of the pumpkin. It doesn’t matter if the lines aren’t straight as this will make it appear more realistic.

adding stem to pumpkin

Pumpkin Alternative

fondant pumpkins with glitterTo make your Halloween pumpkin a little more interesting you can add edible glitter to the stem. You can choose whatever colors you’d like – you can even combine different glitters if you’re feeling creative!

Things needed:

  • Edible glitter in a color of your choice
  • Edible Glue 

What to Do

Create your pumpkin in exactly the same way as shown in the steps above. When you reach step 5 roll the fondant into a small sausage shape and pinch the end as described. Then use a paintbrush to paint some edible glue onto the small shape. Finally, roll the shape in edible glitter and use a paintbrush to brush any areas that don’t cover well. Leave this to dry for 30 minutes and then attach to your pumpkin in exactly the same way as above (Step 5).

Halloween Fondant Pumpkin tutorial by Hannah Foy, a cake decorator from the U.K. who enjoys baking and writing.


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