How to Make a Halloween Witch's Hat Cupcake Topper

witch's hat cupcake topper

This little witch’s hat cupcake topper is fairly simple to make and is perfect for beginner or more advanced cake decorators. It is made from black fondant and put together using edible glue. This means that it’s fully edible and can therefore be added to a cupcake or cake without any problems. If you want to you can also get creative by using different colored fondant, edible glitter and even edible decorations to make your witches hat a Halloween show stopper.    

To Make the Witch's Hat, You Will Need:

(Makes 4 Cupcake Sized Witches Hats)

  • Four 3/4 oz. pieces of black fondant (for the top of the hat)
  • Four 1/3 oz pieces of black fondant (for the rim of the hat)
  • Four 1/10 oz pieces of orange fondant (You can use other colors If desired as this is only for the buckle and trim)
  • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar/cornstarch (for dusting)


  • Line Scoring Modeling Tool
  • Double ended cone Modeling Tool
  • Edible glue (Water will suffice if you don’t have edible glue at hand)
  • Non-Stick Rolling Pin
1. Take one 3/4 oz. ball of black fondant and place it on a non-stick work surface. Then knead the fondant gently using the palms of your hands until it becomes soft and pliable. To prevent it from sticking you can also add a little cornstarch or powdered sugar to the surface.


black gum paste ball

2. Next, roll the fondant into a small ball and set it down on a flat surface. Begin to shape the tip of the hat by gently pinching and smoothing the top upwards with two fingertips. Try to make sure that the hat doesn’t become square as you are doing this. If it does, then just roll the hat shape between the palms of your hands to soften the square edges.

top of fondant witch hat

3. Using your fingers, gently roll and shape the bottom of the hat so that it forms a rounded shape similar to that of a witch’s hat. It can help to print a picture from the internet and put it next to you as a reference point. It means that you’ll be able to use the shape of a real hat as a guide instead of guessing the proportions.

It can take a few adjustments until you create a hat shape you’re happy with so don’t worry if it’s not perfect immediately. When you are happy with the shape you can then begin to add the final details.

4. Take a small ball of orange fondant and roll it into a long, thin strip.

orange fondant
5. Then use a sharp knife to cut off the edges and ensure the strip is roughly 1/2 inch in width. fondant strip

6. Use a small paintbrush to dab a little edible glue onto one side of the strip. Then use your fingers to carefully attach the strip to the base of the hat. Press down very gently to ensure it adheres.

fondant witch hat detail

7. Next you will need to create a buckle for the trim of the hat. Take a tiny ball of black fondant and roll it into a long, thin sausage shape that’s about 3/4 inch long. Use the pointed end of a modeling tool to gently bend the sausage shape into a square. Fix the open edges together with a dab of edible glue.

fondant witch hat buckle

8. Use your modeling tool to gently indent little lines across the buckle. This just makes the buckle seem a little more realistic. Use a small amount of edible glue to attach the buckle to the hat. Leave it to dry slightly for 5-10 minutes.

fondant witch hat strap

9. Take a small 1/3 oz ball of black fondant and roll it out into a small circle. Try to make sure the circle is about 1/5 inch bigger than the top of your witch’s hat. It doesn’t matter if the circle isn’t perfect as you’ll be ruffling the edges anyway.

bottom of fondant witch hat

10. Take a cone shaped modeling tool and begin to ruffle the very edges of the circle. Gently roll the tool back and forwards over the edges of the circle; it doesn’t have to be completely ruffled as the idea is just to create some movement.

bottom of fondant witch hat

10. Dab a little edible glue onto the very center of the circle. Then move the top of the hat and place it onto the circle, pressing down gently to make sure it sticks together.

fondant witch hat

Witch Hat Variation

If you want to make your witches hat stand out a little more you can add some edible glitter to the hat belt as detailed below.

Things needed:

  • Edible glitter in a color of your choice
  • Edible Glue 

What to Do

Create your witches hat in exactly the same way as shown in the steps above. As soon as you reach step 4 stop and follow the instructions below.

Finish cutting the strip of orange fondant to go around the rim of the hat. Then dab a little edible glue onto one side of the strip and leave for a couple of minutes. This will allow the fondant to harden slightly otherwise it would be too soft and fragile to work with. Then sprinkle glitter on top of the side covered in glue using a paintbrush to fill in any areas that don’t cover well with more glitter. Leave the strip to dry for half an hour. Finally, attach the strip to the witch’s hat as described in step 5.

By Hannah Foy. Hannah lives in the U.K. and has been baking with her grandmother since she was little. Over the years, she has enjoyed decorating cakes and writing.

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