Mens Birthday Cake Ideas

mens' birthday cake ideas - nascar cake

There are so many sports that work well for mens birthday cake ideas. This particular cake depicts Jamie McMurray's race car, but the same steps can be used for any Nascar cake.

You can find some clever cake ideas for men by searching google images. Then print any adult birthday cake decorating ideas you find to use them as templates on the cake.

It's easy to depict any adult birthday cake pictures in piping gel. Just use a picture as a guide to create your mens birthday cake ideas.

When mixing a tiny amount of gel for little details, a plastic sandwich bag works fine. Just snip the tiniest hole into the corner of the bag. (It can be tedious trying to squeeze a small amount of gel out of a pastry bag).


40th Birthday Cake Supplies:


  • 13" x 19" cake board
  • 2 - 11" x 15" cake layers, filled and frosted with buttercream buttercream icing paste food coloring in black,blue,yellow & red
  • marshmallow topping
  • piping gel
  • tips #1,2,22
  • knife
  • toothpicks
  • ruler
  • nascar picture
1. Cut out the NASCAR picture and place it on the center of the cake. nascar race car photo
2. Trace around the outline of the picture with a toothpick. race car outline

3. Fill a pastry bag with black piping gel and go over the outline of the car with tip #1. If you're artistic, simply draw in the details of the car with black gel. If not, then use a pin to poke small holes through the paper on to the cake. This will give you an outline to follow with the black gel.

racecar in black piping gel

4. On two opposite corners of the Nascar cake, create a diagonal line using the ruler. This is where you will create the Nascar flag design. Measure to be sure that each side is marked the same distance from the corner of the cake. Continue marking lines with the ruler to create a grid.

5. Once you've drawn all the lines perpendicular to the 1st line, mark lines going towards the first line, creating a checkerboard pattern. Fill in every other square with black piping gel in each row using tip #2. In the following row, move the black square over one box. Next, fill in all the remaining squares with white piping gel with tip #2.

checkerboard pattern in gel

6. Make white piping gel by mixing one part piping gel with one part marshmallow topping. (This mixture can also be used if you want to create any opaque colors. Piping gel, on its own, creates a stained glass effect on the cake).

7. Combine the remaining black and white gel to create grey piping gel. Use this to fill in the grey features of the car. Fill the car number with yellow piping gel. Add red piping gel to signify the advertisements on the car. (Unless you make a much larger cake, and a much larger car, it's difficult to make the ads in detail). You can dip the end of a toothpick in white piping gel to draw in "Crown Royal" on the front of the car. Also use this method to add highlights to the car windows.

8. Fit a pastry bag with tip #22. Use a butter knife to smear blue paste food coloring all along the seam of the bag. Fill the bag with white buttercream icing. Pipe a shell border on the top and bottom edges of the cake, making sure that the blue color comes out on top of the design.

If you have any mens' birthday cake ideas you'd like to share, we'd love to share them with visitors to this site.

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