Over the Hill Cake

over the hill cake

Creating an over the hill cake is relatively simple. This 40th birthday cake made a shy friend blush.


  • 2 - 12" cakes
  • 1 cake baked in a 7" stainless steel bowl
  • ridge triangle comb
  • tip #s: 1,2,3, 16, 17,24, 103, 352
  • semi-sweet chocolate
  • 1 wooden skewer,cut into 2 - 2" pieces
  • Paste food coloring: yellow, pink and green
  1. Place filling in between the 2 - 12" cake layers.
  2. Crumb coat all cakes.
  3. Using the ridged triangle comb, apply pink buttercream icing to sides of the 12" layers. Ice the top of these layers with green icing, using a spatula.
  4. Place the stainless steel bowl cake in the center of the 12" cake. Cover the hill with green buttercream icing stars using the #16 tip.
  5. At the base of the hill, create a shell border with the same tip. Using yellow buttercream icing and the #3 tip, draw randomly placed stars around the sides of the cake. Outline stars with pink icing, using the #24 tip.
  6. Write message on cake with #1 tip in yellow. Pipe #17 rope border in pink along the base and top of the 12" cakes. Pipe #16 rope border on top of cake in green, right along the inside of the pink rope border.
  7.  buttercream apple blossomsUsing tip #103, create 4 apple blossoms atop parchment paper, placed on a flower nail. Add tip #3 dots in center with yellow icing. Place them in the freezer until firm, for easy handling. (Five minutes should do the trick).Remove flowers from the freezer and peel parchment paper back. Position flowers on cake as shown.
  8. over the hill cakeAdd green stems with the #2 tip. Add leaves with tip #352. Even though this is a 40th birthday cake, you can use the over the hill cakes theme for any age you desire. To make the numbers in chocolate, first draw them on graph paper to make them the size you want and to keep them in proportion. Tape graph paper down to a baking pan. Tape wax paper or saran wrap on top.
  9. Using the #2 tip, trace the outlines of the numbers with the melted chocolate, then fill in. Place a cut skewer piece into the bottom of each number.Put in freezer 5 minutes. Add additional chocolate to hide the skewer. Draw #2 tip outline in pink around the edges of the numbers. Stick numbers in the top of the hill.

Naturally, you can do all kinds of funny and outrageous things with an over the hill cake theme, but this one is quite literal.

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