Purse and Make-up Cake

purse and make-up cake

The purse and make-up cake is frosted with buttercream frosting, colored pink and black.

1. I made two 11" x 15" cakes, put them side by side and first put a crumb frosting layer on,then the frosting layer.
2. Then I made a 9 inch round cake and cut it across the middle, stood them up.with the flat cut side down, put some frosting and stuck them together.
3. Color some fondant pink and add a few drops of punch flavor oil LORANNS from hobby lobby, roll it out then cover the half circle's and smooth out. There you have a purse.
4. Now the handles, I cut and shaped a wire hanger and taped the ends, the ends being about 2 inches to hold in the cake and inserted them to rest on one another after coloring and shaping black fondant.
All the rest of the stuff on the purse are shaped black fondant, just to whatever design you may like. The necklace's are the only non-edible thing on there.
5. The make-up, nail polish and lipstick are all pink and black fondant, all shaped to what ever you like and colored. Except a small cut piece of foil for the mirror on the compact.
6. I placed the purse on the left corner and the rest on the cake wherever and piped stars all the way around for the top trim, then on every other star I put a white candy bead, bought in a bag in the wedding department at Walmart.
7. For the sides of the cake, I made 24 miniature lipsticks and 12 purses. And the little purse is a triangle with the top folded half way down and a candy bead on it then a little rolled out handle to make a purse.
(ALWAYS use a mixture of corn syrup and water and a brush to dab on to get all of your pieces to stick together)
8. I used pink Wilton glitter powder in my water mixture and brushed the purse and all the items I made on the cake to give them a shiny, glittery effect.

NOTE: I wrote happy birthday first then added my objects around, so I didn't have to write around the room left (it turns out better that way).

9. Then the last step was to put very small dots with my buttercream all over the cake. At first, I was afraid it was going to be a bit much, but so glad I did because it really set it off and it all came together.

Purse and Make-up Cake decorated by Kim Hildreth from Hamilton, MO

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