Roller Skate Cake

pink roller skate cake

Using a 9" x 13" sheet cake pan, bake pound cake with flavoring, I used Raspberry. Let cool completely. Cut sheet cake into 3 equal pieces and stack, I used chocolate whipped butter cream. Place in freezer overnight to get a nice firm cake for sculpting so it doesn't crumble.

Using an actual shoe for inspiration, cut the frozen cake, using a very sharp knife, Make small slices - you only have 1 chance to sculpt! If you cut off too much you have to start over, you can't patch a 3d cake. The skate needs to be wide enough to stand up. After you get the finished shape cut the cake circle base the same shape as the bottom edge of the cake, and transfer the cake and base onto a large cake circle.

Using a plain sheet of paper held up to the skate make 3 stencils for cutting the fondant - toe and tongue, side and heel. Cut out letters for childs name and a number for the age, and place on toe or heel area, or both.

Make 2 batches of homemade marshmellow fondant, divid into 2 large balls for the main colors and 2 smaller for white and black details.

Crumb coat the cake and then apply the toe/tongue piece first, sides next (overlapping toe/tongue piece), then the heel piece. Using a straw poke shoe lace holes, roll out long thin strips and add the laces. Make curly que ribbons for the top and out line all of your edges with black (black food gel & vodka), apply with a toothpick for a nice, clean thin line. The alcohol evaporates and leaves no taste, don't use water or flavors because it makes the fondant gummy. Cover 4 Ding Dongs with fondant for the wheels and save for final assembly.

You need to keep the cake firm and cool, so until the party keep it in the refrigerator. Take the cake out 4 hours before the party and place it in front of a fan to dry the condensation on the fondant, or it will be gummy and the colors with smear.

You can either serve the cake alone, or make a sheet cake, put in support plegs and place the skate on the sheet cake. Attach the wheels with frosting to the sides of the skate.

It took 2 days to make this cake because I had to learn by trial and error to keep the cake cold for sculpting and make the fondant templates, and to apply them in the correct order. Next time will be much easier!

Roller skate cake decorated by Jessica Turley from Orting, WA

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