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One of the key factors to staying competitive in this industry is the ability to offer our customers a variety of great tasting products.  Now, having a background in restaurant management, I know when putting together a menu, it is always good to keep it manageable.  I apply this rule to my cake selections, as well.  I always have the classics – vanilla, chocolate and red velvet, but I always swap in and out a few different options depending on the season – like an apple spice with brown sugar buttercream for fall weddings.

I live in a large metropolitan area, and even though I have access to great ingredients, it hasn’t always been easy to get the exact flavor combinations I have been going for.  That is until I learned of More Than Cake.  A few years ago, when I had just come on board the Canadian Cake Decorator’s Guild as the Sponsorship Coordinator, I was given a lead to this company that made what was described to me as “powdered extract”.  I contacted them about sponsoring the Guild, and a month later when I came home from work and opened my mailbox, the most amazing smell hit me – it was Maple Praline.  I live in the province of Quebec; we are known for having the best Maple syrup in the world.  I should not have an issue making anything maple flavored.  Let me tell you, this powder made the BEST tasting maple buttercream!  I was hooked!!

Since then, I have had a great relationship with the owners of More Than Cake.  It is a small family business owned by sisters Jacqui and Colleen who are two of the nicest ladies you will ever meet.  They believe in their product and are there for their customers.  The More Than Cake brand has grown in the past few years to include more than 28 flavors of powdered extracts in their “Perfect Palate” line.  These powders are super concentrated, so a little goes a long way.  You can use them to flavor anything from cake batter, buttercream, chocolate and even fondant!  I recently received a sneak peak at some of their new flavors that will be available very soon.  The Peanut Butter (totally nut and allergy free) was phenomenal in my chocolate chip cookie recipe and let’s just say, the Chocolate-Cherry took my brownies to the next level of Amazeballs!  I also have plans for a white chocolate macaroon with passion fruit curd filling thanks to the samples I received of those flavors, as well…..thank God for my gym membership ;)

Flavors are not the only product available.  Anyone who knows me knows I am most passionate about sugar flowers.  And what better way to set yourself apart from the other artists, than by having your sugar flowers smell like the real deal?  Yup, you’re reading it right….my sugar flowers smell like the real thing!  That is thanks to the “Edible Petals” line.  This line consists of 10 edible fragrances including popular rose and peony, with 3 more set to launch soon (lilac, sweet pea and I believe honeysuckle).  These powders are easy to use (I talk about them in my DVD “Timeless Wedding Flowers”) – they can be mixed with your petal dust and brushed on to your flowers.  If I am doing a cake with a rose cascade, I will also mix a bit of the powder with clear alcohol and put it in a spritz bottle. Once the cake is set up at the venue, I spritz the flowers lightly to just enhance the aroma. You would not believe how many people tell me that their guests talk about their wedding cake for months after.  I had one bride call me and start the conversation with, “You’re the dude who made so and so’s cake that smelled like roses, right?” Now, that is some good advertising!

You don’t need to take my word for it, but the More Than Cake line of products will help you offer some amazing diversity to your clients.  You can get any of their flavors/scents through their website at or find a local distributor there as well.  Nicholas Lodge carries the Edible Petals line on his site, and if you are as impatient as me and hate waiting for shipping, you can mosey on down to Hobby Lobby and pick up a couple jars there – they carry 6 from the Perfect Palate line (under the “Sunny Side Up Bakery” label) - Natural Strawberry, Natural Lemon, Maple Praline, Almond, Very Berry and Bubble Gum.

                Until Next Time,

                Happy Caking!! Mark Desgroseilliers

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