Getting Organized!


One of the hardest things I have trouble with is keeping my Cake Studio organized and making sure it doesn’t constantly look like a cyclone hit it.  Easier said than done, I know!  I figured I would share with you all some of the ways  I keep my cake paraphernalia in order.  I try and label everything with my Dynamo label maker (although I am a bit behind on that).

                Dusts: Sugar flowers are my forte.  Understandably, I have amassed quite the collection of color.  I am an affiliate of The Sugar Art and therefore only use that brand.  All of my small jars are stored in a large plastic shoe box.  James Roselle’s “Collection” of colors is stored in it’s own plastic box, and Sarah Myers’steampunk collection is in a small plastic container with a snap lid that I got at my local Dollarstore.  My class colors are in larger jars from The Sugar Art and I store those by type (matte, pearl, disco) in these great Sterlite snap lid containers from Wal-Mart:

                Flower Cutters/Veiners: I use assorted sized snap lid containers by Sterlite (Wal-Mart) to store my cutters and veiners.  The sets I use the most are kept in their own  containers, then the rest are grouped into other bins (ie Lillies, Miscellaneous Orchids, All other flowers).

                Molds & Texture Mats: These are stored in plastic shoe boxes and are sorted by “collection”.  For example, Marina Sousa, James Rosselle & Elisa Strauss all have their own containers.  Marvelous Molds Onlays are in their own as are the other MM Collections (lace, swags, royal garden, etc).

                Edible Pearls: I use these handy tool storage boxes from the dollar store to keep my sugar pearls organized by size, type and color.

                Lace Mats: I have a growing collection of lace mats, to keep them flat, I store them in an Artist’s Portfolio – a trick I picked up from one of the cake forums.

                Tools: I keep all of the tools I use most frequently in a make-up organizer (I love the dollar store!) right on my work bench!

                Floral Wire: I use spaghetti canisters to keep my paper covered wire in one place.  They are the perfect size!

                Individual projects: I use plastic baskets from the dollar store to “pull” supplies for my projects.  If a particular cake calls for use of assorted molds, etc; from various sources, I keep them grouped together until the project is done and they can be returned to their respective bins.  This is a huge time (and space) saver for me since it keeps me from having to stop working on something to go grab another item)

                I hope you take away some ideas from this for your own space.  It is a constant struggle to keep organized, but I think I’m winning J

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