1st Birthday Cakes

1st birthday cakes

1st birthday cakes are special and we often make big family parties to celebrate.

I remember my daughter's and her first experience eating cake. The cake was everywhere - her hair, her face, her high chair. But, that was her first taste of sweets and boy, did she love it! Here are some cakes to celebrate the special moment.

Rylee's 1st Birthday Cake

Rylee's first birthday cakeAs this was my very first attempt at ever decorating a cake..I kept it simple. I bought 2 ready made sponges. I layered them and filled with whipped cream.

Made the butter icing and coloured with blue food colouring. Cut the cake in the shape of the one and decorated with coloured cachous and stars. The blanket was rolled fondant and a little yellow colouring and but with a play dough cutter.

Cake decorated by Fran from Cleveland, Queensland, Australia

1st Birthday Cake

1st birthday cakeI baked and iced a 6 inch round and a 10 inch round piped ruffled borders, trimmed with candy decorations and stacked on pillars, Sprinkled cake glitter sugars on tops. the birthday girl had her cake (the 6 inch tier) and the adults and guests were served off the 10 inch tier. The baby tore hers up!
Decorated by Renee' from Ariton, Alabama

1st Birthday Sesame Street Bus Cake

1st birthday sesame street bus cakeI baked sheet cakes, frosted them and then cut them the long way and stacked them. Then I trimmed out the front of the bus. A different Sesame Street character was drawn in buttercream in each of the bus windows.
Cake decorated by Erin McLees

If you've made any 1st birthday cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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