Alcohol Cakes

alcohol cakes - beer, wine, beefeater and silver patron

Decorating alcohol cakes is a great alternative to bringing the actual alcohol - and the kids will enjoy them, too. Here are a few different cakes designed after beer, wine, and liquor bottles.

Wine Basket Cake

wine basket cakeThe cake is a large rectangular cake, stacked. I covered it with a chocolate buttercream using a large basketweave tip. I then draped the cake with fondant for the picnic cloth. I used fondant to make grape bunches. I also covered a wedge of cake with fondant for the cheese wedge. The wine bottles are made from poured sugar out of molds that I made. The wine labels are fondant decorated with food markers. This was for a 50th Anniversary.
Cake decorated by Kelly from Seattle, Washington

Beefeater Bottle Cake

beefeater bottle cakeThis beefeater bottle cake is a carved cake with buttercream icing and fondant decorations.

I baked a few sheet cakes, froze them and then carved them into the shape of the bottle. (It's much easier to carve a cake when the cake is frozen first). I used red fondant to make the cap and white fondant for the label. Then the label was painted with food coloring and I used edible markers for the details.

Frosted with swiss buttercream.

Tip: You can create an exact replica of any label by scanning it and printing it out on to an edible image. If you don't own an edible image printer, you can send your images to various websites who will print out the image and mail it to you.

Cake decorated by Jenny Friedman from Hartford, CT

Tequila Silver Patron Bottle Cake

tequila silver patron bottle cakeThis tequila cake was an almond pound cake with a chocolate triple sec mousse filling, soo good! and perfect for the occasion.

We started out with a rectangle cake pan and baked 2 cakes. Then started carving it into squares and then we would torte each layer and stack until the height became exact as the real silver patron bottle. Then we started carving down the top into the shape of the dome. Once cake was shaped we covered it in fondant. Then used cereal treats to make the neck of the bottle and covered that in fondant as well. We used the cereal treats to make the cork as well and that we left as it to look like a real cork. We painted the bottle with silver metallic mixed with tequila and cut out all labels, limes, tags by hand. Also made little patron shot glass and filled it with piping gel (this seemed to be the biggest hit of the cake!) Then free handed the writing on the label to match the bottle exactly. This was such a huge hit for a 30th birthday! The birthday man picked it up removed the cork and tried drinking it, the pictures were great! Hope you enjoy it!

Cake decorated by Kimberly Larrachiuta from Huntington, NY

Budweiser Light Cake

budweiser light cakeI used a 1/2 sheet cut in half and stacked, so this cake measured 12"x 9". It was filled and frosted with buttercream icing. I used fondant for the "wood" around the walls of the cake. These pieces had to be made days in advance. I then airbrushed the pieces and hand painted them with dark brown food coloring to create the "wood grain" look. The bottles and the ice are made of sugar and the labels on the bottles were made with edible ink on icing sheets. The caps on the bottles are made of fondant and painted with silver luster dust. The peanuts are fondant too. This cake was sooo much fun to make.
Cake decorated by Chris E from Harlingen, TX

If you've decorated any alcohol cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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