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Alice in Wonderland is just one of those classic tales that continues to charm year after year. It's no wonder characters from the movie continue to show up as cakes. Here are a few different takes on the theme:

Black and White Alice in Wonderland Cake

black and white alice in wonderland cakeMy daughter asked for a classy Alice in Wonderland cake for her 16th birthday. This is a three tier red velvet cake with cooked vanilla buttercream icing covered in fondant.

The bottom 12" tier is covered in white fondant and written on with a black food coloring pen.

I painted the checkerboard on the middle 10" tier with with black food coloring. The top border of this cake is made with triangles cut from black fondant. I also painted various figures from the story onto the first tier. For example the "eat me" and "drink me" tags, leafless tree, and teacup.

I cut out 16 small rabbit heads to place around the top tier. The red and white flowers on the top are real carnations. Most Alice in Wonderland cakes have a lot of crazy things going on. This one was kept simple in black, white and red.

Cake decorated by Michelle Meyer from Evans, GA

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Cake

alice in wonderland tea party cakeI used an 8 inch pan and made 3 different cakes, stacked them one on top of the other and inserted dowel rods down the middle. Then I put icing on the whole thing, died the fondant blue and yellow, rolled the fondant over the cake and made some fondant clouds for the border. I set 3 candles on top. The cake is slanted to fit the theme of the tea party in Alice in Wonderland.
Cake decorated by Constance Buffinet from Franklinton, LA

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Cake 

alice in wonderland mad hatter cakeTo make this Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Cake, I made 3 10"x2" round cakes in chocolate for the bottom tier, 3 6"x2" round spice cakes for the center tier, and 3 french vanilla cupcakes for the top tier. (I frosted the chocolate cakes together using vanilla frosting, the spice cakes using cream cheese frosting, and the cupcakes with chocolate frosting.)

When each tier was frosted, I cut through the top layer of chocolate cake at an angle, from the top of one side to the bottom of the other side, to give it the slanted look.

Then I cut a 6" circle in the center on top and removed the cake down to the top layer of frosting. (That's where the 2nd tier will sit.)

I did the same thing for the 2nd tier. (Instead of cutting a 6" hole in the top, just cut a small hole, the size of a cupcake.)

I trimmed the cupcakes before frosting them, cutting the top off and a bit of the edges, so they were smooth and flat. I then frosted the outside of each tier in it's corresponding flavor of frosting.

Then I made a TON of fondant. Since the cake was for my best friend's baby shower, and I was doing an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party theme, I wanted the cake to reflect that. So, the bottom tier I covered in white marshmallow fondant.

I made red roses, green stems and green leaves out of fondant and attached them using a little water. (The red roses reflected the "painting the roses red" scene from Alice in Wonderland.)

The 2nd tier I covered in purple fondant and added pink stripes. (Like the Cheshire Cat.) After covering this tier in fondant, I placed dowel rods into the bottom tier and set this layer into the hole.

I made in the large tier, using a 6" cake circle.

I made pink balls of fondant to hide the seam. The cupcakes were a little more tricky to attach together. They didn't seem to want to stay together, and it was quite messy trying to hold them up while covering them in green fondant. But I managed.

After covering them in fondant, I placed them into the hole I made in the 2nd tier.

I made some more fondant balls to hide the seam. On this tier, I attached a white fondant teapot, a fondant mushroom, and a 3-D fondant "bread-and-butter-fly".

For the cake topper, I used some artificial grass I bought in silver and red. I covered the stems in flower tape, (the part that was to go into the cake.)

I used scissors to curl the wisps of grass, the same way you would curl a ribbon on a present. Then I just stuck them deep into the cake! They worked really well to hold up the cupcakes straight. It took a lot of hard work to make this cake, but it was soooo worth it!

Cake decorated by Rachel Lampron from Colebrook, NH

Alice in Wonderland Topsy Turvy Cake

alice in wonderland topsy turvy cakeThis Topsy Turvy was the first one I ever made. I didn't do it the way your suppose to (by hollowing out the center to make it level). I ended up making it it all slanted. I didn't know any better lol.

I had to cut and slant each cake. It was very difficult to do and I was very scared! This one is vanilla cake with fresh strawberries, pastry cream and buttercream. This was for my friends 30th birthday with a Mad hatter theme. She is very mischievous so I went with a "Dark Humor" Alice in Wonderland.

Cake decorated by Katy Brandel from Miami, FL


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