Barbie Cakes

collection of girls' barbie cakes

Barbie cakes have been an all-time favorite birthday cake choice for young girls for decades. Here are a few idea, all utilizing a plastic doll.

Fashionable Barbie Cake

fashionable barbie cakePrepare the doll and pattern the fondant for the upper dress/clothes ahead of time and wait till it dries up. Bake the cake in 2 or 3 bell shaped pans as you desire and use chocolate mousse as filling, strawberry or vanilla and coat the cake with buttercream. Freeze the cake for 20 min then as the buttercream gets a bit hard, smooth the sides of the cake with a wax paper. Cover the cake (looks like a hill) with fondant which serves as the gown or dress of the Barbie, then insert the Barbie on top. Decorate the Barbie then with any decorations you have for the cake.
Cake decorated by Celeste De Leon from Italy

Fairytopia Barbie Cake

fairytopia barbie cakeTake two cakes and make separately in two bundt cake pans. I used two regular white cake mixes. I then used raspberry jello and made the cakes into jello cakes. Once the jello cooled and set, I placed one on top of the other one.

For the frosting I used whipping cream (in carton) and mixed that with jell-o brand White Chocolate pudding (instant) mix. I then used food coloring to make my desired colors.

I placed the new Barbie's legs and feet in a protective covering (zip lock bag) and placed in middle of cakes. Then I proceeded to ice the cake.

There were about 15 screaming 3 year olds saying that they wanted Barbie cakes for their birthdays and, yes, boys included!!!

Cake decorated by Kenya from Libby, MT

Barbie Doll Cake

barbie doll cakeButter sponge base 9" round and half a Wilton ball pan. This made the base with a Wilton Doll top. Covered in buttercream and finished with fondant.

This is a cake I made for a friend's daughter.

Cake decorated by Malar from London, UK

Barbie at the Beach

This is a round cake accompanied by a wedge of a cake to build the water coming up to the beach. Barbie is just a purchased toy.
Cake decorated by Joanna from Suisse

Nirmani Barbie Cake

nirmani barbie cakeFirst the cake was baked in two layers and edges cut to fine finish.2 straws were used to support the top barbie cake.A dummy doll was used on top and rest was icing using liquid glucose and fondant.
Cake decorated by Nirmani Goonetillike from Dubai

It's relatively easy to create a Barbie cake. Wilton sells a doll mold set that consists of a cake pan to create the skirt of the doll cake and a plastic doll top that is the doll body from the torso up which just sticks directly into the cake. You simply pipe directly on the doll to continue the decorations from the dress to the upper part of the body. Some bundt pans are shaped tall enough to work as the skirt of the cake.


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