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Basketball cakes come in the form of half spheres, 3D balls and basketball courts. Here are a few variations to try on your own.

Basketball Cake with a Musical Twist

basketball court cakeI made this cake for my niece for her 13th Birthday. She's really into basketball but her other interests are drama, singing and playing the guitar; I incorporated those by the drama faces at center court, the musical notes around the base of the cake and the guitar on the front.

The actual cake is a double layer 1/2 sheet of Double Butter Chocolate Fudge with a filling of almond vanilla buttercream and then covered with almond flavored homemade marshmallow fondant. The characters and all other pieces are also made out of marshmallow fondant. I used watered down brown icing color to paint on the hard wood floors. The hoops were giving me a hard time just trying to figure out how to do them. I finally decided the best way was to make cones out of black fondant and letting them dry then piping on the net, and it gave the affect i was looking for!! The writing is all done with edible markers.

There was a lot of time put into this cake but I thoroughly enjoyed making it for her and the response I got at the party told me EVERYONE else liked it too, and the birthday girl loved it!

Cake decorated by Vicki Eads from Saint Peters, Missouri




Championship Basketball Cake

championship basketball cakeThe base of the cake is to represent the basketball court. Fondant was colored to a skin tone. I cut strips to represent the wood. Then, a yellow liquid food-coloring was painted on it and a gel brown food coloring was painted over. I used a wood grain tool to replicate the wood grain. Then the cut strips were placed on the cake covered with Buttercream.

The basketball is made with a round ball-like cake pan. It is positioned on a round styrofoam. It is covered with orange fondant cut in sections and attached with chocolate frosting. The black is piped on and dimples were created with a tooth pick. This is positioned on the base of the cake with a plastic doll to hold the placement.

The last was to apply the medal made from fondant and accented with gold food glitter. Letters were cut out of yellow fondant and dried with raised angles to give it a bouncing look.

Cake decorated by Sara from Mankato, Minnesota

Basketball Grooms Cake

basketball cakeBaked cake in Wilton ball pan, filled and frosted with buttercream and covered in fondant.

Bake floor in square cake pan, frosted in buttercream and covered in fondant.

For the basketball, I took a #6 round tip and made circles all over the cake for the texture. I then used a bone tool to make the black lines. I airbrushed the ball, then hand painted the black lines using food coloring.

For the floor, I used a bone tool to make the floor boards, and wood grain, then hand painted the wood floor.

I made a support for the ball with a plastic cake plate placed on a plastic dowel.

Decorated by Lauren Cortesi from Honey Brook, PA

Jacob Jersey

jacob jersey cakeI made two half sheet pan cakes, filled them then carved out a spot for the arms and the neck. Then i crumb coated the cake and frosted it. Covered it in fondant. The basketball is a mini half dome cake covered in fondant as well sitting on top of a very small cake board to hold it up.
Cake decorated by Alison Preston from Sacramento, California

If you've decorated any basketball cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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